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Product Details:

12-Way Snake (30 meters)

Currently in stock.
Delivery time is next working day if ordered before 3.30pm, please check here for delivery options.

Only £129

Model Number: TLB12100
Full Specification
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Full Specification:

Click HERE to view our flyer on multicore audio snakes/looms.
It is a 1mb PDF - you need Acrobat Reader installed.

The snake is 12 way; 8 sends and 4 returns, and is 30 meters long (100 foot).

This rugged touring grade multicore XLR audio snake is intended as the main signal communication line from the recording source to the mixer and vice versa. With premium quality cable, strain reliefs (both at the mixer and the box end), a tie off loop and durable high quality connectors, the snake is well suited to handle tough "on the road" conditions.

The snake is constructed from multi-pair, individually screened cable for balanced audio transmission. Ideal for use in live conditions (such as on stage or in theatres) or in studio setups.

The robust stage box has an integrated handle and is constructed from steel, with a durable high quality matt black finish.

Each channel is numbered on the connector, on the box and on the individual cable.
  • High quality XLR connectors
  • High quality screened cable
  • Suitable for balanced audio transmission
  • Integral carry handle
  • Fitted with cable gland, strain relief and tie off loop
  • Approx. 700mm spliced
  • Numbered for easy identification
  • Total weight: 11 kg
Multicore Specifications:

The specifications are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader installed.

Included in the package FREE (Worth £38):
Included with this multicore package, is a converter pack (Convert 4x XLR Sends to 4x 1/4" Jack Sends). This gives superb flexibility to the XLR multicore audio snake. It allows up to four XLR sends to be converted to 1/4" stereo jack sends instantly. This is illustrated below:

Please view the detailed range of pictures on the right for a closer inspection of all of the features.

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Delivery time is next working day if ordered before 3.30pm.


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From: Andrew J (Cheltenham)

Absolute top class service: I had been let down by a certain other LARGE pro-audio supplier, and TheLoudest had the 16-way XLR snake that I needed for about the same price. Delivery very fast from the wonderful DPD. Great quality connections, plus it's BLUE. Thank you!

From: Alvar (Alcester)

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit (12 way 15 meter stage box), built like a tank! thanx for the extra adapters too! Amazing.

From: Garry (Chester)

I bought a 16 way multicore from you, it was delivered on time, also included in the package were some adapters and other useful bits and pieces, the build quality is very good, everything is clearly labelled and the tails are a decent length. Keep up the good work, great prices too!

From: Kristian London

Bought a stage snake on Wednesday at 4.30 PM. It arrived 1PM on Thursday. Used it at a gig Thursday night. How about that for a quick turnaround!!
Great service, great product.
Thanks guys

From: Paul C (Glasgow)

Wow. Normally, my deliveries arrive last thing in the day, but this arrived at 9am. Good start.
I have to say, Ive never seen anything arrive in such a fantastic box. This will last me for ages. 2nd good point. The loom (12-Way Snake 30 meters) itself is of fantastic quality. I love the caps on the xlr sockets, nice touch. The build quality is first class. On top of that, the free converters are superb. These would have cost half the price of whole loom if I had bought them myself.
Finally, the PR kit, love it. Not sure it will be going on the car though, but I will certainly find somewhere to advertise your wares.
Thanks guys, you have yet another very, very happy customer who will be back for more soon.

From: David (Pivo Pivo)

I would like to thank you for the quick and very helpful service. Called at 2.45pm. Ordered at 3pm. The snake was delivered to my venue before 11.30am, next day. Cant believe it came so quick...well done.
Will defo be ordering again.

From: Tenon (Cornwall)

For the price my stage snake hits well above the competition. Solid! Plus I received some free assorted connectors also solid and durable! Very impressed. Will definitely use again!

From: Dominic Hoenig (Brighton - Studio Engineer)

Wow I ordered a 20 way 45 meter snake for my new studio...ordered friday recieved it monday morning. fast prompt delivery...as everyone has mentioned superb build in these things! packed extremely well! this box will now how all my guitar pedals whilst in the cupboard in the studio ! the freebies (xlr converters etc) are a brilliant addition and perfect for what i needed in order to split headphone sends also! brilliant work! will definitely order again if i ever need to (which i doubt i will!!!)

From: Alan ( Essex)

I ordered a 12 way 30metre snake, super fast delivery and although i have had this for several months this is the first time i have used it and what a product superb quality, easy to use and no problems.
Thanks again Alan

From: Woody (Hull)

Ordered 30m 24way snake last week and used it this weekend for the first time. I must say it's an absolutely brilliant product for the price. I dont know how you guys do it and still make a profit!! Unit performed perfectly and has made a huge difference to our live sound. Thanks a million. Would definitely use your company again.

From: Paul, Worcestershire

Gig on Saturday, Stage Snake ordered Wednesday, received Thursday, worked perfectly - great service, well done.

From: Phil (Lancashire)

Bought a 15m 12 way stage snake. Fast delivery. Looks durable and well made. A great bit of kit. I will add you to my Firefox bookmarks. Fantastic. Thanks

From: Mark Browne (West Midlands)

Fantastic! I bought two 20 way XLR stage boxes. Reasonable quality at an excellent price. Very good response time, Stuff was really well packaged and the goody bag of free stuff was a nice touch.

From: Dave Downs (Nottingham)

Fantastic product, service, communication and packing. I was looking for a quality 'snake' at a decent price, and certainly found it here! The extras that are thrown in are an added bonus that is much appreciated. Even the box that the item was sent in is so strong that I fully intend using it initially as the flight case for the snake - it's that good! Many thanks - I can highly recommend these people!

From: Ryan Morgan (Aberdare, S.Wales)

I purchased the 24 channel stage multicore 45m. Not only did the loudest.co.uk provide me with the best quality product for the best price around but service and contact was superb!!
Not only that but unlike other companies theloudest.co.uk also provided a variety of different adapters to use with my new multicore something that other companies charge a lot extra for!!
Superb service!!!!

From: Andy C (Herefordshire)

Superb multi core & stage box (12-Way, 15 meters) with useful return XLR-jack adaptors. Very well packaged. Delivered in less than 24 Hrs. Incredible value for money. Will definitely use again. Many thanks, Andy.

From: John B (East Yorkshire)

Just when I'd all but given hope on customer service promises... you guys have really come up with the goods! Purchased 2 16way snakes which arrived perfectly packaged - the xlr sockets even had individual dust covers - flippin' marvelous! Can't wait to test them out. Best price, quality looks to be superb, comms & delivery spot-on and a bundle of freebies to boot. the tears of joy are welling up, and when i've mopped up I'll order some mic cables too.
Lovely job.

From: Clive (Dover)

Very impressive service, quick delivery and good product you saved my bacon as someone let me down with another snake. Your 20way 15mtr snake was cheaper than other peoples 12way and you couldnt see the specs unlike yours. I will certainly recommend others to you thanks again Clive.

From: Kevin B (Kent)

This is the second time I have made a purchase from The Loudest, and YES, they've done it again. My 28/4 snake & stage box arrived within 24 hours of ordering, well packaged again, and is of super quality again. I still don't know how they do it for the price they do, but I can only say The Loudest are the only company I've dealt with that really do deliver exactly what they say they can, and fast, I wouldn't go anywhere else for this type of equipment.
Well done 'again', I'll be back.

From: Pastor Ken (Einburgh)

We bought a 20 Way multicore, just want to say how impressed we were by the quick delivery to Edinburgh, arrived before 1200hrs next day. Was really a good purchase came as a pack - multicore with free converters, free posters etc, most of all with £161, multicore was quality, numbering was helpful, easy to install. We've got more items in-line for purchase because it is a tremendous service you offer, very satisfying. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.

From: Naomi (London)

I'm impressed by the quick way and quality of all the items (12-Way Snake 30 Meters) I purchased were handled. In fact I received the items within 24hrs of purchase. I used to be sceptical about internet purchases but TheLoudest.co.uk has impressed me beyond words. TheLoudest.co.uk keep up the good work.

From: Concert Tourig Systems (Lincolnshire)

I ordered a multicore from TheLoudest and it arrived within 2 days. The box was packed with promotional goodies and the item is top class. Thanks to the staff at TheLoudest I am able to carry on my work trouble free. A first class highly recommended company that really are second to none.
Many thanks from Dave @ Concert Touring Systems

From: Ken Eaton (South Wales)

My thanks and appreciation to all for the confirmation, I received the goods as you advised in the email. (15 metre -12 way snake).
What a really excellent way that your team run the business. The service, quality and price for the goods are worth a bench mark of 10 out of 10. Also with a web site that matched the same high standard.
The support also included the tracking of the goods that I ordered. The web page even give me the specification of the cable, that is something that not everyone would appreciate and understand.
I recommend this company and the goods supplied - which by the way also included a set of adaptors for connections used and a gesture of an included free gift package.
Really excellent value and customer satisfaction. Thanks to all in the team.
Ken Eaton

From: Keith (Northumberland)

My items arrived just now, less than 24 hrs from ordering.
I have (been shopping online) for 5 years and bought literally hundreds of items - this experience has been the very best yet, bar none.
Perfectly packed, fantastic value, high quality audio gear and 5 star service, what more could you ask for.
Your efficiency organization and attention to detail is stunning, I can see from your packaging, advertising, logo, design quality etc. that you are passionate about your business and it is truly impressive.
It takes a lot to impress me in retail and customer service these days, but you score a full 10/10 in all departments!
Many thanks and well done.

From: Matt

Ordered our new 32 way stage box multicore from THE LOUDEST 9am Monday morning and as promised arrived superbly packaged the following day. The quality of the multicore is by far above and beyond that of anything similar we have ever used before and at a unbelievable price. I recommend THE LOUDEST to anyone looking for great service and unbeatable prices. This 9 piece ska band now have the luxury of only winding up one cable between the stage and our desk now instead of the million we had to previously!
Recommended to anyone, thank you. Matt - SKA-BOOM! 9 piece Ska band www.skaboom.co.uk

From: Keilan (Aberdeen)

Just took delivery of my 12 way 30m snake....first thing I was impressed with, as well as the speedy delivery, was the packaging..they could have dropped this thing from a plane on my doorstep and I think it would have survived just as well!
I overestimated just how long a run I needed, and dreaded that I might be sacrificing quality with a run that big, so I did a quick recording test with some accoustic guitars through Rode NT1000's...the sound was perfect, phantom powering works as expected, and the sound was just as good as running my mics straight to my pres! The 8 free XLR - jack (4 inputs, 4 outputs) really made this a deal and a half and its great that I can now record away from the noisy computer AND present a good quality headphone line!
Very impressed all around and will be back for some XLR cables soon I think!

From: Shane (Gun Metal Grey, Essex)

We just ordered a 20/4 15m stage box all I can say is what an excellent service delivered next morning with free adapters and very good quality, even got a free pen & stickers :-)

From: Richard (Sussex)

I ordered by phone, a 12 way 15 metre multicore having previously used one which a friend had bought. Mine was delivered next morning at 8am. The guy from whom I ordered was helpful and clear, and I received confirmation and tracking emails exactly as promised. The product itself seems great value, especially as it came supplied with free and good quality jack converters, very useful in my studio for sending headphone mixes down the return lines. The incredibly strong packaging box will also last I am sure. I'm very impressed all round, and will happily recommend to others and buy again from you!

From: Tony Miles (West Sussex)

I bought a stage box and cable. Arrived within 24 hours fantastic service great goodies and the stage box is excellent. Exactly as advertised, for the price the quality is fantastic. Could not be better. Thanks I will shop with you again theloudest.com

From: Kris (Derby)

My 15m 8/4 snake just arrived with free converters, ordered it yesterday 3.00pm, arrived 9.30am this morning!! Packaged in a great secure box which I'll keep when I'm on the road. When I first saw these guys I was worried over the low pricing, but simply this is a bargain for a good quality product and 1st class service!
Well done Theloudest, I will spread the word by sporting my vinyl stickers, keyring and tax wallet in the VW polo!

From: Steve (Bedfordshire)

Having discovered that my local music store had gone into administration I found that getting hold of a small (8/4) stage box and snake to be almost impossible at a sensible price. I considered making one to the spec I needed but then discovered THELOUDEST.CO.UK already made it! They had exactly what I needed in stock and a day after it was ordered it sits on my living room floor. (And they supplied it in the strongest cardboard box I've ever seen - I don't need to acquire a transit case, the box is more than adequate!) These dudes are awesome, their product is excellent and their service second to none. They get my vote every time.

From: Steven W (Hampshire)

Just a quick note of thanks for the muticore I recently bought from yourselves. Arrived next day as promised and what a terrific piece of kit, well made well presented and works an absolute treat. No buzz or hum that I have experienced from other well known and more expensive dealers. Top marks will use you again.

From: Peter Benney (Lincoln)

I have bought the 12/4 stage box and multi core. It is really excellent value for the money. Very robust, well built. Should last for years.

From: Diane (Berkshire)

My son ordered a 32-Way Snake (30 meters). What a beast, but what an addition to his kit. No more trying to roll up cables at the end of a gig when everyone else is off home, or bundling them all in a box only to spend the next 3 days trying to sort them out again. Very speedy delivery, thank you.

From: Philip Longhurst (Suffolk)

I was trying to source a 12 way 45m snake and they were hard to come by for a good price. Well this company not only offered an excellent price on the item but I also received top quality, fast replies to my questions about the products before making a purchase. I paid for the item at 3pm on the Wednesday and it arrived by 10am on the Friday - how good is that! This is an excellent company all round, I will use again and recommend to others :)

From: Mark Neal, The Sonic Lodge (Edinburgh)

I found these guys online and bought some stuff. They're great prices and I couldn't believe how good the quality was, much better than many other cheap multicores. Since then I have purchased another 3 multicores from them and don't think I'd use anything else for PA or studio installations. Thanks guys.

From: Phil Pointer (Oxfordshire)

I have just purchased a 45 metre snake from the Loudest and I am really impressed with the overall efficiency and speed of delivery. I will do business again.

From: David Cooper (West Yorkshire)

I just received a 30m 20/4 multicore. Perfect working order and very robustly built. Thank you.

From: Peter (Gloucestershire)

I ordered a 16 way snake on Friday and it arrived first thing Monday! Great service, an excellent quality product and a brilliant price. I would definatly use The Loudest again and I have already recommended the loudest to all my friends. Well done guys!

From: Jim Henderson (Librasound, Thurrock Essex)

I really have to praise this company up big time.
I ordered one of their 12/4 multicores, it was 15m long and cost £109. TBH I wasn't expecting anything fantastic - I thought I could use it for about 6 months and probably end up scrapping it - but I was very suprised by what I recieved, and almost 48hours after paying for it!

The multicore was constructed using the wire-net arrangement to hold the mulitcore cable into the stage box, also using a weatherproof glad (that was actually tight), each xlr socket came with its own little rubber plug to keep the mess out, AND I recieved 8 adaptors to convert the xlr males to jack sockets and plugs (balanced) for FREE. The adaptors are their own make, and ARE NOT like the rubbish ones everyone seems to have that fall apart.
Even the box it came in was so sturdy, i'm actually using it as a case for it. Check this company out, and see the prices! Makes a change to get quality equipement at a competitive price! Well done guys, Brilliant.

From: Brian (New Chapter Christian Worship Band, Derbyshire)

I ordered a 16-way/45m stage-box/snake and some jack/xlr convertors that I needed in a hurry for a gig. Delivery was excellent (ordered Friday and received on Monday). We found the products to be of the highest quality, and the free returns conversion pack made it easy for us to run our active stage monitors from the stage-box. These products have helped us to maintain our great live sound. The packaging and service were also great. New Chapter will definitely order from the loudest.com again when we need additional kit. Their products and prices are the best around. Many thanks to all the team!

From: Kevin Lee (Midlands)

What can I say... I ordered the 20way 30mtr multicore snake on Saturday & it arrived three days later! That is impressive in itself, but the e-mails you guys sent me, keeping me up-to-date with the transaction, even down to tracking the parcel, that is taking customer service to a new level!!
Thanks guys for a fantastic product & absolute top notch customer service - I will definitely be shopping with you again!

From: Ben Trigg (London)

Another happy customer. I ordered the 16 way (12/4) snake and, as per, it was at my door in less than 24 hours. The item was incredibly well packaged and carefully wrapped etc. On the job, the multicore was of good quality and had no desire to kink. All channels were of low noise etc. In general, everything performed very well.
Working mainly for corporate events, my main priority is reliability - So far I can recommend very The Loudest stage boxes very highly indeed. I will update here in 3 months.
The addition of 8 XLR - Jack adaptors was the icing on this already very tasty cake!
Thanks Guys, I will certainly be using you again!

From: Rockisreligion (Scotland)

High quality equipment, brilliant service at short notice & fast delivery, what more can I say. We will most certainly be using TheLoudest again..and again..and again. Oh did I mention value for money? I can honestly say that for the stage loom we bought from TheLoudest I should have expected to pay at least twice as much from any other UK supplier. Thanks!

From: James (East Sussex)

I ordered a 12 way snake + stage box yesterday and it arrived swiftly and well packaged today. Absolutely first class product. Extremely well built, does exactly what we need and fantastic value! The included adapters add extra value to a first rate package. I'm cetain I'll be back for more!

From: Bernie (Milton Keynes)

I ordered the multicore and stage box 12/4, it arrived very quickly and well packed. The product is of good quality, I made the right choice to buy from TheLoudest.com and would recommend it to anyone. The service and communication were also very good.

From: Kev, East Midlands

I contacted Theloudest.com to supply our band with a stage box/snake. The quality and value compared to others is excellent, delivered next day and the packaging would have survived a small war!! Their emails kept me informed every step of the way. Having now found this company I will use them again. Thank you for excellent service!
Kev Aitken, Undercurrent.

From: Shaun (Walsall)

Many thanks to TheLoudest, the cable snake was ordered on the Wednesday and arrived on the Thursday morning, well packed and of good quality and at an exceptional price.
Shaun (Quality Manager in the pro audio industry)

From: Kevin B , The Longhouse Studio & PA Hire.

Please tell me, why would anyone go anywhere else for stage boxes and looms, The Loudest have been able to supply me with a 16 way stagebox and loom, plus the 8 converters at a price totally unmatched anywhere in the UK.
I have to say, at the price, I figured I'd take a chance and give it a go, but, on arrival, this package is unbelievable, the packaging is heavy duty, and tidy, the 16 way stagebox is heavy duty, pro quality and looks superb, the cable strainers and snake connection is very heavy duty, and will obviously stand years on the road, the multicore is top notch quality, all plugs, including the 8 converters are pro items.
All this with free delivery, I'll repeat the question, Why would anyone go elsewhere, I for one, will always reccomend The Loudest, Ultimate gear, ultimate company.
Thankyou All.

From: JB (York)

Low-end prices for high-end product and service. I bought a multicore+box, a set of mic leads and the brilliant send+return XLR-to-jack adaptors (how did I ever manage without?). Excellent build with impressive attention to detail, such as heat-shrink coloured sleeves for the leads and the individual rubber cover for each input on the stage box. All this and free next-day delivery too, in solid packaging. These guys deserve every glowing testimonial on this page. I'd be amazed if they ever get any bad ones.

From: Terry

Just purchased a 16 way multicore for the band. Excellent quality gear and really speedy delivery. Will be well keen to do biz again. Cheers.

From: chris

Brilliant, arrived in an amazingly strong cardboard box (which I couldnt work out how to open!) great quality, professionally overpackaged! Everything covered in protective covers and just a generally great product for a genuinely great price, with a year guarantee I cant go wrong!

From: Neil, Guernsey

Our band has just bought its first full p.a. system, and needed a few extra cables and a multicore. The Loudest came up trumps, with a top quality snake and stagebox, and quite simply the best value mic cables around. No question as to where we'll be shopping first from now on.

From: Pete Braven-Giles

So it's just a snake right? Wrong! It's the best value for money I ever got in this business and it really is made well. To be honest I expected something kinda budget and I couldn't have been more surprised 'cos it really is quiet and road worthy. Now I guess I'll have to up-rate the rest of the patches and stuff to match,.. if I can get the wallet back off the missus!
Thanks guys!


I was looking for a stage snake and I came across a snake 24 way 20 in 4 out at a price icould not believe also the discription format well very well laid out gave all the info I needed, at the same time Shordy another person involved with THE BEATBOYS called them on the phone, I then called them and they were very helpfull, made the purchase for the 24 way snake, next the parcel tracker was in my email and by 2pm the item was at my door, what a peace of kit real QUALITY well packed all in good order I will make sure I look on THE LOUDEST site first for band gear thank you for being so helpful I will be in touch again.
Best regards (chubby) FRED DENMAAN

From: Chris Haldane (Sunderland)

I couldn believe my luck when I stumbled across the 12 way 15 metre multi core snake I was after for my band and various PA jobs. Checking the pics and reviews I couldn comprehend such a quality product could come for such a low price and with free delivery.
The correspondence I received let me know exactly what was hapenning and after ordering late on a Friday afternoon, I had my product on Monday.
Great quality, great looking, great service, and absolute no effort on my part to get what I needed!!
I have already recommended this and similar products to many colleagues and other musos. Keep up the good work and I will definately be back.

From: Ash and Pete

We are starting up a new demo studio in the Midlands, and obviously are looking for the best deals we can to fit it out. After looking for some considerable time for a reasonably priced multicore/stagebox , my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I stumbled across TheLoudest.co.uk , and the prices.
ou really CANT go wrong, AND the thing turned up the very next morning as promised!
The quality of the snake and fitments truly belies the money paid out, how DO they do that?
All we can say is EXCELLENT !!!! We will certainly be going back to TheLoudest.co.uk when we need some more cabling , I hear that the mic cables are very good too for the money... cheers and good luck with your business in the future. A + P.

From: Bill, Glasgow

Firstly , I was shopping around for the best deal for a stage box and some mike cables, typically there are many suppliers and all are expensive. Then I found the Loudest.Com, on reviewing the product I could not believe the quality based on the photographs, secondly and equally important I could not believe the prices.
I placed my order and as promised, received the next day. When I opened the boxes I could not believe the quality of what was inside, well packaged, well made and clearly outshone the offerings from other suppliers. I tested the product upon receipt, worked a dream. I am delighted with the service I received, the communications and the promises delivered. I will not hesitate to do business again. It is very refreshing to do business with a company who strives to give the customer complete satisfaction in everything it says.
Best Regards
Bill, Glasgow

From: Steve, Liverpool

I bought a 24 way 45m stage box snake, and Im amazed at the quality. I assumed with the price it would be a bit flimsy but its robust structure is quite impressive. Great customer service as well!
Cheers guys.
Steve Ashby, STP Audio Solutions

From: Dave Watson of Kanvas

Excellent value. Well made product that fitted our needs at a reasonable price. I have no hesitation in recommending the 20/4 multicore that we bought. The delivery was as promised - next day.

From: jon......After Eight

I Received the multicore and mic leads, and can say they are both of good quality and priced well.
Very happy with purchase!!! Thanks.Jon.



From: John (West Wales)

Ive just bought a 20way x 45m multicore and stagebox. It was ordered mid-morning by phone, and was on my doorstep in less than 24hrs. - I also recieved emails confirming the order and its courier details for tracking etc.
The equipment is first class, the packaging incredible, and the price unbelievably low - I will certainly be doing business again in the very near future, and Id recommend this The Loudest to anyone, an excellent company.

From: Jim Nettleton - SunSound PA Hire

I purchased the 20/4 Multicore Snake - Very efficient speedy delivery, good customer service, and well packaged quality product with what appears to be good quality connectors compared to other competitor products in that price range.

From: Frank Goodhind - Technical Manager - The Mick Jagger Centre

Have just taken delivery of a 45m Snake. Escaped from its box and ran all the way up the wall and across the ceiling. Just what I wanted.

From: Keith lawson - The Grimleys - A Tribute to the Seventies

We recenly purchased a 28/4 snake and stage box. The service was friendly, top quality and speedy. In fact the product arrived the next day. We are amazed at the price and performance of this product. A great company to deal with and a truly amazing product.

From: Dave Pegler (Bath)

The 24/4 30 metres snake weve just bought is a fantastic piece of kit. The whole thing has been really well thought out at the design stage and its construction is spot on too. What really clinches it though are the details, right down to the totally unexpected rubber dust caps on the XLR chassis connectors.
Youd expect these caps to be all the same, wouldnt you, but no - theyve even managed to supply the correct male and female versions. Nice one, guys!

From: Alain Yvorra

We got a 20 way snake and stage box. After really shopping around for a week we found it here at unbeatable price £140 inc VAT and free shipping. This really made us happy.
At four days from the gig I needed it fast. Ordered on Monday, received it Tuesday 7.30am. Delivered in a very heavy duty cardboard box that we now use conveniently to carry it, we had a very nice surprise.
The packaging was very detailed and thorough, protecting every piece, and we discovered that our low investement had brought us a top quality product.
After our first gig with it I must share how pleased and satisfied we are considering the freedom this tool bring in a live sound setting (even in studio recording set up). This one from TheLoudest is a Must Have,
and the cable is a wonderful BLUE.

From: Steve Trusler

I have received and tested the 15m multicore with my wifes group www.mayarevelations.com and I am delighted with its performance, crystal clear delivery. It looks great, sounds great, was very good value (have not seen that cheap b4). Was also impressed by the service provided, communication and speed of delivery.

I wish you all the success in the future.

From: Kev F

I bought a 24 way stage box, very impressed. I was a bit concerned initialy because it was so much cheaper than elsewhere but what can I say?! Prompt delivery, good correspondence, excellent product.
Ive also just bought a pack of mic leads. Same result! Thanks!

From: Eric L (W Yorkshire)

As promised by yourselves my stage box arrived in less than 24 hours, which by any standards is rapid. The quality is excellent and the packaging extremely secure.
I should like to thank you for your extremely good service and would recommend you to anyone.

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