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Product Details:

XLR Splitters (pack of 4)

Currently in stock.
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Only £55

Model Number: TLAM1
Full Specification
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Full Specification:

We are very proud to present our own invention, the XLR microphone splitter/duplicator. These little gadgets add great flexibility to any multicore audio snake. Each duplicator has one microphone input and two microphone outputs on it, and is perfectly designed to work "in-line" with your snake. Impedance matching transformers inside the shell ensure that there is no quality lost. This enables the microphone signals to be duplicated; the original signal still goes into the stage box, and to the mixer as usual, however a copy of the signal can now be sent to another mixer/recorder! This is especially useful when using a dedicated mixer for performers on stage, or needing a separate mix for recording or broadcast.

Until now, this kind of thing has only been possible by using a "split stage box" or dedicated rack mounted splitters, often costing in excess of £1 k. The other main advantage of using these duplicators is that they are portable and can be plugged and unplugged easily, which saves space and is extremely flexible. You can turn your multicore snake into a "split stage box" wherever and whenever you want, and only on the channels you want.

Phantom Power
Sometimes using phantom power with the splitters can cause audio quality problems, particularly when two mixers are involved. One way round this would be to use a "phantom power supply box" rather than using a mixer to provide phantom power. This will typically ensure that phantom power is isolated from the audio, removing any potential issues.

Our 10 meter 16-way multicore XLR-XLR loom is ideal for use with the splitters, taking all the duplicated signals to the mixer in a multicore.

Please feel free to inspect the splitters/duplicators by viewing the range of photographs and diagrams to the right of this text.


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From: Tim Humphries (Surrey)

This was my second order for your mic splitters. They arrived on cue with an unexpected gift of your merchandising, hey thanks! As it happens, I had broken the tab off a zip the same day so the keyring replaced it. Does that make me the only proud owner of a Loudest anorak?
Although not a frequent customer of yours, I have had no hesitation in passing on your details to colleagues and friends in the sound recording industry. Great service, great name and easy to remember too.

From: Dr Mike Bainbridge

XLR splitters - just completed gig where I suddenly needed 4 of these - they worked perfectly. Came back to buy 8 more - what better testimonial can I give ?

Out of stock !! Bother ...

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