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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

Selected Testimonials:

From: Bill, Glasgow

Firstly , I was shopping around for the best deal for a stage box and some mike cables, typically there are many suppliers and all are expensive. Then I found the Loudest.Com, on reviewing the product I could not believe the quality based on the photographs, secondly and equally important I could not believe the prices.
I placed my order and as promised, received the next day. When I opened the boxes I could not believe the quality of what was inside, well packaged, well made and clearly outshone the offerings from other suppliers. I tested the product upon receipt, worked a dream. I am delighted with the service I received, the communications and the promises delivered. I will not hesitate to do business again. It is very refreshing to do business with a company who strives to give the customer complete satisfaction in everything it says.
Best Regards
Bill, Glasgow

From: David Shepherd (Tasty Sound Systems) London

I run a sound equipment hire business mainly dealing with live performers, and unfortunately the nature of the business means that I often have to replace sundry items such as cables due to loss, theft or abuse.
I suddenly had a lot of work overlapping and found myself short of XLR leads. Without time to go to my usual supplier I turned to The Loudest having kept a leaflet that was sent to me. To be perfectly honest, knowing how cheap the cables were from The Loudest I wasnt very optimistic about the quality, but thought that as long as they could last me a couple of weeks they would see me through the work.
I am now eating my words as not only did they arrive the morning after ordering them (at 4.00pm), but the quality of the leads was a pleasant surprise. The cable seems durable enough and coils back into shape nicely without kinking, and the connectors fit very snug at both ends (male/female) unlike many other budget leads which are loose.
I think I have found my new supplier.

From: Alain Yvorra

We got a 20 way snake and stage box. After really shopping around for a week we found it here at unbeatable price £140 inc VAT and free shipping. This really made us happy.
At four days from the gig I needed it fast. Ordered on Monday, received it Tuesday 7.30am. Delivered in a very heavy duty cardboard box that we now use conveniently to carry it, we had a very nice surprise.
The packaging was very detailed and thorough, protecting every piece, and we discovered that our low investement had brought us a top quality product.
After our first gig with it I must share how pleased and satisfied we are considering the freedom this tool bring in a live sound setting (even in studio recording set up). This one from TheLoudest is a Must Have,
and the cable is a wonderful BLUE.

From: Martyn H (Stagecraft)

The 16-way snake has just arrived. Although I havent tested it, I would like to say how impressed I am with it and with the service you offer. (Im even impressed with the box it arrived in! ... who needs a flight case!). Also, thank you for the very courteous way you have kept me informed at each stage. Thanks for rushing it through so efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Im sure well be back for more.

Browse Testimonials:

From: Andrew J (Cheltenham)

Absolute top class service: I had been let down by a certain other LARGE pro-audio supplier, and TheLoudest had the 16-way XLR snake that I needed for about the same price. Delivery very fast from the wonderful DPD. Great quality connections, plus it's BLUE. Thank you!

From: Dave (Cheshire)

Hi Guys,
Just a really quick email before I head off out to a gig! I received the drum multicore today and I really was astounded at the quality of the whole thing, even including the box it arrived in! I have purchased multicores before from various companies - some of which were more than twice the price of what you charge - and none of them came even close to the build quality of your offering! It really is brilliant for the price and I would seriously advise anyone who might be looking for a multicore to stop searching now and just purchase one from you guys - the only way to find a better one for less money would be to steal one! Seriously, even the cardboard box it came in was the thickest and strongest cardboard I have ever seen - cover it in gaffa and you would have a half decent road trunk for nothing!
Thanks guys, I couldn't be more pleased :-)

From: Tom Watson (Bucks)

Fast, reliable and above all, damn good gear. This is my 3rd batch of 10 20M XLR cables which I use on a professional location recording rig. They get stood on and abused by choirs, bands, orchestras, and still perform perfectly. my loudest 16/4 stage box is constantly admired for its quality. I don't even bother shopping around any more, just come straight to the loudest.com.

From: Alvar (Alcester)

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit (12 way 15 meter stage box), built like a tank! thanx for the extra adapters too! Amazing.

From: Tim Humphries (Surrey)

This was my second order for your mic splitters. They arrived on cue with an unexpected gift of your merchandising, hey thanks! As it happens, I had broken the tab off a zip the same day so the keyring replaced it. Does that make me the only proud owner of a Loudest anorak?
Although not a frequent customer of yours, I have had no hesitation in passing on your details to colleagues and friends in the sound recording industry. Great service, great name and easy to remember too.

From: Davie (Notts)

15m Drum Snake. Quality bit of kit plus came with some 1/4 jack adapters. Superb. Super fast delivery - so much so that no one in to take delivery but came again next day.
Most overly packaging I've ever seen!!!! Could have sent on moon mission and survive re-entry I reckon. Cheers

From: Garry (Chester)

I bought a 16 way multicore from you, it was delivered on time, also included in the package were some adapters and other useful bits and pieces, the build quality is very good, everything is clearly labelled and the tails are a decent length. Keep up the good work, great prices too!

From: Kristian London

Bought a stage snake on Wednesday at 4.30 PM. It arrived 1PM on Thursday. Used it at a gig Thursday night. How about that for a quick turnaround!!
Great service, great product.
Thanks guys

From: Barrie Coren (West Sussex)

Excellent, Excellent. I have bought twice for band PA systems. Cables first class quality and inexpensive. A 32 way snake drum 30 metres, best value for money I have seen. Also from order to delivery 14 hours!! Brilliant

From: Phil S Chepstow

I run the PA for Chepstow Acoustic Music Club, we recently hosted Woody Mann in the drill hall (24th June). We have a good PA (Turbosound speakers FOH and Yamaha/dbx mixer and auxilliaries). We required a top quality stage snake. I picked up on 'The loudest' and we bought the drum version 30m long 16/4 of their snake, I had reservations about noise as I don't use noise gates I needn't have worried when Woody was not playing or singing, there was absolute silence and completely undetectable cross talk when he was. This is a TOP QUALITY piece of kit well built. Excellent service and delivery.

From: Dixon Liu (Cleveland)

Bought a snake loom 10m and insert loom 5m. The quality of the cables are much better than expected. Well packed in a strong box and bundled with goodies is something that surprises every customer. The delivery was prompt and customer services was beyond expectations as well. Great job!

From: Paul C (Glasgow)

Wow. Normally, my deliveries arrive last thing in the day, but this arrived at 9am. Good start.
I have to say, Ive never seen anything arrive in such a fantastic box. This will last me for ages. 2nd good point. The loom (12-Way Snake 30 meters) itself is of fantastic quality. I love the caps on the xlr sockets, nice touch. The build quality is first class. On top of that, the free converters are superb. These would have cost half the price of whole loom if I had bought them myself.
Finally, the PR kit, love it. Not sure it will be going on the car though, but I will certainly find somewhere to advertise your wares.
Thanks guys, you have yet another very, very happy customer who will be back for more soon.

From: Phil W. (Exeter, Devon)

Ordered 20/4 drum 30m for a specific venue although it is very competitively priced it is very high quality. the packaging is among the best i have ever seen. Item was sent within 24hrs of payment clearing. I will certainly use this company again. Top product, thank you. P

From: David (Pivo Pivo)

I would like to thank you for the quick and very helpful service. Called at 2.45pm. Ordered at 3pm. The snake was delivered to my venue before 11.30am, next day. Cant believe it came so quick...well done.
Will defo be ordering again.

From: Tenon (Cornwall)

For the price my stage snake hits well above the competition. Solid! Plus I received some free assorted connectors also solid and durable! Very impressed. Will definitely use again!

From: Speyfest (Moray, Scotland)

We purchased the 28 channel stagebox/drum. We were thinking we would have to settle for something of a lesser quality, since most new 24/4 channel snakes run £500-£600. We were amazed at the price £320. The product arrived within 48 hours, We cannot believe the quality. We are completely satisfied. The Drum has been well used at gigs over Christmas & Hogmanay. It has travelled alot of miles since we got it in december, and still has the same quality of sound since we first used it. Thank you!

From: Steve (Southampton)

We purchased the 20-Way Drum Mounted Snake (15 meters)for our band "Below the Belt". We searched the net for the product and TheLoudest.co.uk easily won our order. Top quality product with a pack of free issue adaptors that enabled us to use it straight out of the box. This not only saved us the extra money but also the time searching for them had we bought the snake elsewhere. The speedy and free delivery is also a winner in our book. Thanks

From: Dominic Hoenig (Brighton - Studio Engineer)

Wow I ordered a 20 way 45 meter snake for my new studio...ordered friday recieved it monday morning. fast prompt delivery...as everyone has mentioned superb build in these things! packed extremely well! this box will now how all my guitar pedals whilst in the cupboard in the studio ! the freebies (xlr converters etc) are a brilliant addition and perfect for what i needed in order to split headphone sends also! brilliant work! will definitely order again if i ever need to (which i doubt i will!!!)

From: Alan ( Essex)

I ordered a 12 way 30metre snake, super fast delivery and although i have had this for several months this is the first time i have used it and what a product superb quality, easy to use and no problems.
Thanks again Alan

From: Dave (North Yorkshire)

When I read the testimonials, I thought yeh yeh!!! - However, they are really true. I had a sound engineer friend check out the quality of the multi-cores before I bought because I thought the pricing suggesting cheap budget. However, he recommended it, and was even surprised to see an earthing cable now included within the core. I purchased a 45m 20 core on the Wednesday, and by 11:00am the next day it was here. Packaging is excellent - its going to live in it when not in use. Used it for a gig on Friday night, and no problems whatsoever. The free adaptors came in useful as well, but recommend you also purchase from female XLR to 1/4" jacks when u order.
Overall rating 5/5 - will be back here again for sure.

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