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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Alain Yvorra

We got a 20 way snake and stage box. After really shopping around for a week we found it here at unbeatable price £140 inc VAT and free shipping. This really made us happy.
At four days from the gig I needed it fast. Ordered on Monday, received it Tuesday 7.30am. Delivered in a very heavy duty cardboard box that we now use conveniently to carry it, we had a very nice surprise.
The packaging was very detailed and thorough, protecting every piece, and we discovered that our low investement had brought us a top quality product.
After our first gig with it I must share how pleased and satisfied we are considering the freedom this tool bring in a live sound setting (even in studio recording set up). This one from TheLoudest is a Must Have,
and the cable is a wonderful BLUE.

From: Steve Trusler

I have received and tested the 15m multicore with my wifes group www.mayarevelations.com and I am delighted with its performance, crystal clear delivery. It looks great, sounds great, was very good value (have not seen that cheap b4). Was also impressed by the service provided, communication and speed of delivery.

I wish you all the success in the future.

From: Gordon McLoughlin (Scotia UK plc)

We (Scotia UK plc) just bought a 12/4 snake from you for one of our customers. We and they are delighted with the quality and fast service. Well done and thank you - there will be more business coming your way.

From: Richie Thomas

Ive just purchased the 16 Way Multicore for my Live Music Club, and found that it was solid, well put together, crystal clear on all channels, delivered quickly and the cheapest in the UK to boot... Could not be happier!
Also, 20 of the 5M Microphone leads and various converters to go with them... the same can be said for them. Theyll get alot of use with us and will be put through hell!! So far so good!
Thanks for a great service... Ill be back!

From: Jim S. (Blue Ice)

Couldnt get XLRleads from local music shops at longer then 10 metres. Thankfully, I found "the loudest" and bought a bumper (10) pack of the 20 metre leads and they are excellent. No more struggling to reach the PA speakers or tripping up the band. Including heat shrink colour identifiers was a neat touch.
Will they last? Cables are solidly built and no reason to think otherwise. In any case, for the cost of not much for than that of two "big name" high quality cables, I have spares in abundance!

From: Steve Collett (Steve Collett Soul Satisfaction)

Thanks for the snake works perfectly well, we are on the lookout for some more equipment and will let you know the details shortly.

From: Tom Reilly (Cheshire)

I have just recieved my 100ft long 12way Multicore, and I am not only impressed with the fantastic quality of the product its self, but I am also very pleased with the quality of service from TheLoudest.co.uk, my order was dealt with in a matter of hours and I was kept very well informed as to its progress through shipping. Not to forget the excellent packaging of this item.
I will be ordering from you again!

From: Phillip Tanner (Swansea)

I placed an order for a 24-way stage box drum as well as some other bits and pieces all of which were delivered to me within two days. Very pleased with the items and service.

From: Corin Handley

I recently recieved pack of 10 xlr leads. Ordered Sunday, on the doorstep Monday teatime (before Id read the despatch notice email!).
The description doesnt mention the inclusion of some assorted coloured heat-shrink sleeves which makes identifying which lead is which much easier - a thoughtful touch. Our sound engineer thinks that they cant be any good cos theyre only a fiver each. They all worked perfectly however and we didnt have the usual duff lead swapping exercise at soundcheck (using leads at 3 times the price that have done 1 or 2 gigs). Will they stand up to life on the road? Watch this space...

From: Kev F

I bought a 24 way stage box, very impressed. I was a bit concerned initialy because it was so much cheaper than elsewhere but what can I say?! Prompt delivery, good correspondence, excellent product.
Ive also just bought a pack of mic leads. Same result! Thanks!

From: Eric L (W Yorkshire)

As promised by yourselves my stage box arrived in less than 24 hours, which by any standards is rapid. The quality is excellent and the packaging extremely secure.
I should like to thank you for your extremely good service and would recommend you to anyone.

From: Darren S (EastwoodStudios.co.uk)

I have to say the loom looks to be good quality and certainly is the best value for money on the market.
I am sure we will shop with you again in the future.

From: Martyn H (Stagecraft)

The 16-way snake has just arrived. Although I havent tested it, I would like to say how impressed I am with it and with the service you offer. (Im even impressed with the box it arrived in! ... who needs a flight case!). Also, thank you for the very courteous way you have kept me informed at each stage. Thanks for rushing it through so efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Im sure well be back for more.

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