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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Pastor Ken (Einburgh)

We bought a 20 Way multicore, just want to say how impressed we were by the quick delivery to Edinburgh, arrived before 1200hrs next day. Was really a good purchase came as a pack - multicore with free converters, free posters etc, most of all with £161, multicore was quality, numbering was helpful, easy to install. We've got more items in-line for purchase because it is a tremendous service you offer, very satisfying. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.

From: Paul Carswell (North Yorkshire)

We purchased a 30 metre drum loaded Multi Core (20 channels - 16 0ut 4 In). Arrived the next day - very well packaged. Performed very well on its first outing. Excellent value for money. Thanks.

From: Naomi (London)

I'm impressed by the quick way and quality of all the items (12-Way Snake 30 Meters) I purchased were handled. In fact I received the items within 24hrs of purchase. I used to be sceptical about internet purchases but TheLoudest.co.uk has impressed me beyond words. TheLoudest.co.uk keep up the good work.

From: Concert Tourig Systems (Lincolnshire)

I ordered a multicore from TheLoudest and it arrived within 2 days. The box was packed with promotional goodies and the item is top class. Thanks to the staff at TheLoudest I am able to carry on my work trouble free. A first class highly recommended company that really are second to none.
Many thanks from Dave @ Concert Touring Systems

From: Ken Eaton (South Wales)

My thanks and appreciation to all for the confirmation, I received the goods as you advised in the email. (15 metre -12 way snake).
What a really excellent way that your team run the business. The service, quality and price for the goods are worth a bench mark of 10 out of 10. Also with a web site that matched the same high standard.
The support also included the tracking of the goods that I ordered. The web page even give me the specification of the cable, that is something that not everyone would appreciate and understand.
I recommend this company and the goods supplied - which by the way also included a set of adaptors for connections used and a gesture of an included free gift package.
Really excellent value and customer satisfaction. Thanks to all in the team.
Ken Eaton

From: Keith (Northumberland)

My items arrived just now, less than 24 hrs from ordering.
I have (been shopping online) for 5 years and bought literally hundreds of items - this experience has been the very best yet, bar none.
Perfectly packed, fantastic value, high quality audio gear and 5 star service, what more could you ask for.
Your efficiency organization and attention to detail is stunning, I can see from your packaging, advertising, logo, design quality etc. that you are passionate about your business and it is truly impressive.
It takes a lot to impress me in retail and customer service these days, but you score a full 10/10 in all departments!
Many thanks and well done.

From: James Collins (Exmouth, Devon)

Just wanted to say great service! really was not expecting it (XLR Leads, 5m [PACK OF 10]) before 10 am day after ordering it! Extremely pleased! And the freebie stuff that came with it (stickers, tax holder, keyring etc.) were a nice touch to it. If I could give you 1 piece of advice it would be put a manual on the outside of the box showing how to get in it!! Took me ages! but it was well packed ensuring they got here safe. So you have a very happy customer. Will definitely use again and recommend.
James Collins

From: Matt

Ordered our new 32 way stage box multicore from THE LOUDEST 9am Monday morning and as promised arrived superbly packaged the following day. The quality of the multicore is by far above and beyond that of anything similar we have ever used before and at a unbelievable price. I recommend THE LOUDEST to anyone looking for great service and unbeatable prices. This 9 piece ska band now have the luxury of only winding up one cable between the stage and our desk now instead of the million we had to previously!
Recommended to anyone, thank you. Matt - SKA-BOOM! 9 piece Ska band www.skaboom.co.uk

From: Rod, Northern Ireland

I'd just like to say thanks for the excellent service (ordered 24-Way Drum, 45 meters). As mentioned, the item arrived the next working day (it actually arrived before I seen the email with the tracking number!!!).

From: Keilan (Aberdeen)

Just took delivery of my 12 way 30m snake....first thing I was impressed with, as well as the speedy delivery, was the packaging..they could have dropped this thing from a plane on my doorstep and I think it would have survived just as well!
I overestimated just how long a run I needed, and dreaded that I might be sacrificing quality with a run that big, so I did a quick recording test with some accoustic guitars through Rode NT1000's...the sound was perfect, phantom powering works as expected, and the sound was just as good as running my mics straight to my pres! The 8 free XLR - jack (4 inputs, 4 outputs) really made this a deal and a half and its great that I can now record away from the noisy computer AND present a good quality headphone line!
Very impressed all around and will be back for some XLR cables soon I think!

From: Shane (Gun Metal Grey, Essex)

We just ordered a 20/4 15m stage box all I can say is what an excellent service delivered next morning with free adapters and very good quality, even got a free pen & stickers :-)

From: Richard (Sussex)

I ordered by phone, a 12 way 15 metre multicore having previously used one which a friend had bought. Mine was delivered next morning at 8am. The guy from whom I ordered was helpful and clear, and I received confirmation and tracking emails exactly as promised. The product itself seems great value, especially as it came supplied with free and good quality jack converters, very useful in my studio for sending headphone mixes down the return lines. The incredibly strong packaging box will also last I am sure. I'm very impressed all round, and will happily recommend to others and buy again from you!

From: Chris B (Birmingham)

The Soul band I work with 'The Midnight Movers' have owned a TheLoudest.com 24 way drum for about 5 years and they have had no problems, It's solid!
I got a 28 way drum for my Church!

From: Abed (London)

I ordered some microphone cables on Monday after 5pm and I got them Wednesday morning. I was impressed by their delivery times. I will definitely order more items from TheLoudest.com

From: Tony Miles (West Sussex)

I bought a stage box and cable. Arrived within 24 hours fantastic service great goodies and the stage box is excellent. Exactly as advertised, for the price the quality is fantastic. Could not be better. Thanks I will shop with you again theloudest.com

From: Kris (Derby)

My 15m 8/4 snake just arrived with free converters, ordered it yesterday 3.00pm, arrived 9.30am this morning!! Packaged in a great secure box which I'll keep when I'm on the road. When I first saw these guys I was worried over the low pricing, but simply this is a bargain for a good quality product and 1st class service!
Well done Theloudest, I will spread the word by sporting my vinyl stickers, keyring and tax wallet in the VW polo!

From: Steve (Bedfordshire)

Having discovered that my local music store had gone into administration I found that getting hold of a small (8/4) stage box and snake to be almost impossible at a sensible price. I considered making one to the spec I needed but then discovered THELOUDEST.CO.UK already made it! They had exactly what I needed in stock and a day after it was ordered it sits on my living room floor. (And they supplied it in the strongest cardboard box I've ever seen - I don't need to acquire a transit case, the box is more than adequate!) These dudes are awesome, their product is excellent and their service second to none. They get my vote every time.

From: Steven W (Hampshire)

Just a quick note of thanks for the muticore I recently bought from yourselves. Arrived next day as promised and what a terrific piece of kit, well made well presented and works an absolute treat. No buzz or hum that I have experienced from other well known and more expensive dealers. Top marks will use you again.

From: Chris (West Yorkshire)

I bought a 28 channel multicore, which has arrived today 4hrs after the email said it had been dispatched, great service. And the multicore is fantastic, looks like it will last longer than the inferior one we are replacing, thanks again.

From: Andy (London)

This is now the 2nd such purchase. Very satisfied and returned for more. I Ordered Pack of 10 XLR mic cables on Wed. Took delivery on following Fri along with bonus package of "The Loudest" promotion material. Very Good service and communications throughout. A Pleasure!!

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