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Product Details:

40-Way Drum (80 meters)

Currently in stock.
Delivery time is next working day if ordered before 3.30pm, please check here for delivery options.

Only £995

Model Number: TLD4080
Full Specification
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Full Specification:

Click HERE to view our flyer on multicore audio snakes/looms.
It is a 1mb PDF - you need Acrobat Reader installed.

The drum mounted snake is 40 way; 32 sends and 8 returns, and is 80 meters long (260 foot).

This rugged touring grade drum mounted multicore XLR audio snake is intended as the main signal communication line from the recording source to the mixer and vice versa. With premium quality cable, strain reliefs, tie off loop and durable high quality connectors, the snake is well suited to handle tough "on the road" conditions.

The snake is constructed from multi-pair, individually screened cable for balanced audio transmission. Ideal for use in live conditions (such as on stage or in theatres) or in studio setups.

The robust frame has integrated carry handles and heavy duty lockable wheels, for easy transportation. The frame is constructed from tough steel, with a durable high quality matt black finish. The drum is also lockable in position, this ensures it does not accidentally unwind during operation.

Each channel is numbered on the connector, on the drum and on the individual cable.
  • High quality XLR connectors
  • High quality screened cable
  • Suitable for balanced audio transmission
  • Integral carry handle
  • Fitted with cable gland, strain relief and tie off loop
  • Approx. 700mm spliced
  • Numbered for easy identification
  • Lockable wheels
  • Turning handle
  • Lockable drum
  • Total weight: 118 kg
Multicore Specifications:

The specifications are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader installed.

Included in the package FREE (Worth £38):
Included with this multicore package, is a converter pack (Convert 4x XLR Sends to 4x 1/4" Jack Sends). This gives superb flexibility to the XLR multicore audio snake. It allows up to four XLR sends to be converted to 1/4" stereo jack sends instantly. This is illustrated below:

Please view the detailed range of pictures on the right for a closer inspection of all of the features.


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From: Dave (Cheshire)

Hi Guys,
Just a really quick email before I head off out to a gig! I received the drum multicore today and I really was astounded at the quality of the whole thing, even including the box it arrived in! I have purchased multicores before from various companies - some of which were more than twice the price of what you charge - and none of them came even close to the build quality of your offering! It really is brilliant for the price and I would seriously advise anyone who might be looking for a multicore to stop searching now and just purchase one from you guys - the only way to find a better one for less money would be to steal one! Seriously, even the cardboard box it came in was the thickest and strongest cardboard I have ever seen - cover it in gaffa and you would have a half decent road trunk for nothing!
Thanks guys, I couldn't be more pleased :-)

From: Davie (Notts)

15m Drum Snake. Quality bit of kit plus came with some 1/4 jack adapters. Superb. Super fast delivery - so much so that no one in to take delivery but came again next day.
Most overly packaging I've ever seen!!!! Could have sent on moon mission and survive re-entry I reckon. Cheers

From: Barrie Coren (West Sussex)

Excellent, Excellent. I have bought twice for band PA systems. Cables first class quality and inexpensive. A 32 way snake drum 30 metres, best value for money I have seen. Also from order to delivery 14 hours!! Brilliant

From: Phil S Chepstow

I run the PA for Chepstow Acoustic Music Club, we recently hosted Woody Mann in the drill hall (24th June). We have a good PA (Turbosound speakers FOH and Yamaha/dbx mixer and auxilliaries). We required a top quality stage snake. I picked up on 'The loudest' and we bought the drum version 30m long 16/4 of their snake, I had reservations about noise as I don't use noise gates I needn't have worried when Woody was not playing or singing, there was absolute silence and completely undetectable cross talk when he was. This is a TOP QUALITY piece of kit well built. Excellent service and delivery.

From: Phil W. (Exeter, Devon)

Ordered 20/4 drum 30m for a specific venue although it is very competitively priced it is very high quality. the packaging is among the best i have ever seen. Item was sent within 24hrs of payment clearing. I will certainly use this company again. Top product, thank you. P

From: Speyfest (Moray, Scotland)

We purchased the 28 channel stagebox/drum. We were thinking we would have to settle for something of a lesser quality, since most new 24/4 channel snakes run £500-£600. We were amazed at the price £320. The product arrived within 48 hours, We cannot believe the quality. We are completely satisfied. The Drum has been well used at gigs over Christmas & Hogmanay. It has travelled alot of miles since we got it in december, and still has the same quality of sound since we first used it. Thank you!

From: Steve (Southampton)

We purchased the 20-Way Drum Mounted Snake (15 meters)for our band "Below the Belt". We searched the net for the product and TheLoudest.co.uk easily won our order. Top quality product with a pack of free issue adaptors that enabled us to use it straight out of the box. This not only saved us the extra money but also the time searching for them had we bought the snake elsewhere. The speedy and free delivery is also a winner in our book. Thanks

From: Dave (North Yorkshire)

When I read the testimonials, I thought yeh yeh!!! - However, they are really true. I had a sound engineer friend check out the quality of the multi-cores before I bought because I thought the pricing suggesting cheap budget. However, he recommended it, and was even surprised to see an earthing cable now included within the core. I purchased a 45m 20 core on the Wednesday, and by 11:00am the next day it was here. Packaging is excellent - its going to live in it when not in use. Used it for a gig on Friday night, and no problems whatsoever. The free adaptors came in useful as well, but recommend you also purchase from female XLR to 1/4" jacks when u order.
Overall rating 5/5 - will be back here again for sure.

From: Big Al. (Tyne and Wear)

As usual, I was pulled right out of the s*** by this Company. I ordered a 16/4 Multicore in a right panic, because I had a gig the next night, and it arrived the next morning! Excellent service, great prices, excellent service, quick delivery, and did I mention the excellent service!?!? I will continue to deal with them, as they come through every time.

From: Charlie (Lincoln)

I ordered a 20 way stage multicore from the loudest, all too often these days we are bombarded with promises and very often delivering those promises is another thing entirely, However credit where its due I was very impressed with the whole experience my order was taken and sure enough 9am the next morning my goods arrived expertly packed and exactly as described. WELL DONE LADS ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! Please don't change anything looking forward to doing business with you again. Charlie S from Lincoln.

From: Lee and Gray, Day Of Rockening

We have just taken delivery of a 24 channel drum mounted snake, and have to say we were very pleased with everything. Ordered on a Friday, and it was delivered Monday morning...very pleased with everything, firstly the box.....wow it took some work to get into..then once we had, found the snake to be very well made, hard wearing and seems very reliable so far!! Will be using theloudest.com for everything from now on. Awesome service!!

From: Matt (Sutton, Surrey)

I purchased a 16 way (12/4) snake drum x 15m for my church. Very competitive pricing and the XLR to 1/4" TRS jack adapters for the send channels are a bonus as we use TRS jacks for our speakers. The order was quickly processed and the item was delivered the next day. It was very well protected and packaged. The cable was well made and sturdy with clear numbering of the individual ports and XLR connectors. The cable worked well with no apparent noise. The drum was also very sturdy with a locking mechanism and the castors worked well. I would highly recommend this item.
I think the description of the item on the website could be improved by giving the weight and the dimensions of the unpackaged item.

From: John Bell (Middlesex)

I ordered a 16/4 45m multicore and drum before 16:00 on 31/3/09 and it arrived the next morning, in a courier-proof, virtual cardbord road-trunk.
Top quality service, top quality equipment and top quality delivery method.
This is my 2nd multicore order and I will proudly display the new company logo stickers provided, at my FOH position, at my next big gig in Chinnor and others.
Thanks, John.

From: Paul Carswell (North Yorkshire)

We purchased a 30 metre drum loaded Multi Core (20 channels - 16 0ut 4 In). Arrived the next day - very well packaged. Performed very well on its first outing. Excellent value for money. Thanks.

From: Rod, Northern Ireland

I'd just like to say thanks for the excellent service (ordered 24-Way Drum, 45 meters). As mentioned, the item arrived the next working day (it actually arrived before I seen the email with the tracking number!!!).

From: Chris B (Birmingham)

The Soul band I work with 'The Midnight Movers' have owned a TheLoudest.com 24 way drum for about 5 years and they have had no problems, It's solid!
I got a 28 way drum for my Church!

From: Chris (West Yorkshire)

I bought a 28 channel multicore, which has arrived today 4hrs after the email said it had been dispatched, great service. And the multicore is fantastic, looks like it will last longer than the inferior one we are replacing, thanks again.

From: peTe (Stamford, Lincolshire)

Hi guys, you said my order for a 20-Way Drum Mounted Snake would be delivered the next day and, it was. Ok that's good but the packaging was fantastic! Having bought loads of things off the net or wherever and having had them delivered, sometimes the the product does not appear that well protected. My order was so safely packed there was no way it could be damaged in transit. (Starting to sound like I'm creeping now but I'm only saying it as it is). The product quality is tremendous. I am one happy customer and will not hesitate buying from you in the future. Thanks for your efforts peTe.

From: Craig (Yorkshire)

Bought the 20way 30mtr drum multicore and as many other testimonials say this is a great product at an excellent price. The delivery was excellent with awesome attention to detail to keep things in good condition. The drum is well made, robust and well finished. The quality of the cable and connectors is good and I have seen/used multicores costing twice as much that do not seem to be as well made and put together as this. A good investment of £200!
Highly recommended.

From: Dave Adey (Birmingham)

I'm amazed at how efficient the service has been from first enquiry through to delivery. My 16 way drum mounted 30m snake looks impressive. Can''t wait to use it tonight. Thanks!

From: Rob (Bristol)

Absolutely first rate service. Next day delivery, extremely well engineered product (30m 16 way drum mounted cable snake), superbly packaged, quality kit thrown in at no extra charge and at a rock bottom price. Very pleased!

From: Mike (The Canteen, Barrow)

If you are looking for a snake and don’t need BBC broadcast quality then look no further…
We purchased one of their 32 way snakes over 2 years ago; this has been used 3 days a week for live band work, up to now there has only been one fault, and that was due to someone pulling the XLR’s out by the cable.
There is a distinct quality feel about these products, they are flexible, and remain so, even in low temperatures, the XLR soldered connections are shrink sleeved, and there is extra strain relief where the XLR clamps the cable, the XLR’s are of good quality and have a rubber gland which makes for a snug fit, they are also thin enough to fit correctly into neutrik sockets, something that a lot of other XLR connectors fail to achieve. When we purchased the above it arrived next day and the packing was outstanding, we have just purchased another snake, two years later, and the same efficient service remains.
To TheLoudest.com – thank you for a hassle free service.

From: Dave Wood (Hereford)

The best £230.00 I've spent on equipment for a long time, the 30 meter 24 way multicore is great! The cable drum makes laying cable a breeze.

From: Mick Defty (Sunderland)

We used our new (12/4) stage/cable drum for the first time last night, excellent bit of gear saved us a load of time and energy will definitely be using your company for future purchases. THANKS!

From: Jon Whitehead (Worcester)

Ordered my new 30 meter 16x4 multi core on a drum Wednesday morning 9am. Delivered Thursday morning at 10:30am. You can't beat that, well you can the price £207 amazing and the quality amazing too. if you need a multi core cable don't get anywhere else.

From: Dominic Purdue (Tyne and Wear)

You order the gear, it arrives next day, exactly as ordered, strongly packaged (and with a little free gift inside!! that you werent expecting!! - It's like your birthday!!).
I'll go NOWHERE ELSE from now on. Thanks TheLoudest, you are also TheBest!

From: Shane (Dublin)

We ordered a wheel drum 24 way multicore. Terrific product, great service. In this oddball music industry what more could one ask for? Thank you, we'll be back!

From: Chris Warsop (Midlands)

What great service!!! 32 way drum mounted snake arrived next day as promised. Superb quality, just what we wanted, at a good price. Our kit is in constant use, as we are a busy touring band, I have no doubt that the snake will give great service. I shall have no hesitaton recommending you to others.
Thanks from Chris Warsop, sound engineer. Maetloaf and the Never Never Land Express.

From: Jim (Northern Ireland)

I ordered a 28 way on drum and it arrived in 24 hrs, worked perfectly, solid as a tank, (so was the packaging) and the price is unbeatable considering quality of product. I am putting together orders for other bits. Keep it going guys.

From: David

I ordered a 20 way, 30m drum-mounted multicore, which at just over £200 was unbelievable value for money - on paper at least. In use every channel tested perfectly and the quality of cable was great. The drum feels solid and the brake stops the drum unwinding when in transit or storage. The drum wheels are also fitted with brakes to stop it wandering off. Connector quality is good, and quality of soldering etc is also neat and professional.

Delivery was exactly as described and I was kept fully informed of courier tracking numbers by email etc.

Whilst I have used a cable company who custom produce these kind of things in the past, and perhaps there are one or two finishing touches that may have made this multicore even better - you would be paying £700 plus anywhere else. No contest.

From: Kev (Arkadia Productions IOW)

I was searching the net looking for a cable drum and I could not believe my eyes when I found your website. After reading other peoples testimonies, I thought this is to good to be true. Well its all true. I placed my order and less than 24 hours later the items arrived,for the isle of wight this is so rare, not only that the quality of the items was stunning and very well. Fantastic work to you all at The Loudest and i will definatelely be back. Thanks again Kev.

From: Edward Butlin

Bought a 24 way drum mounted snake. Came well packaged, is well made and durable, but yet cost so little! Very pleased with it, and hopefully will last me a lifetime. Will definately recommend these snakes to anyone. Cheers.

From: Dave Franklin. Shotley Sound.

I purchased a 20+4 Drum Mounted Multicore, ordered on Friday; arrived next working day, Monday, as promised. Very well packaged and the product is absolutely A+. A very sturdy drum and frame, the cable is stubstantial yet still flexible, all plugs and sockets have a good solid feel. In general it looks and feels like it should last years, and all at a very competative price. The service, communications from the company have all been A1, well recommended.... cheers.

From: Charlie RWH

This product from TheLoudest is superb [20-Way Drum Mounted Snake (30 meters)]. The 30m multi-cable and drum are sturdily made with a wicked bearing!-and well thought out. The Drum brake is sturdy and the stress cable at the mixer end well designed. The delivery box it came in is robust too and will help protect what is of necessity a product that requires gentle treatment (like all multi-cables).
Staff at Loudest were always available to explain progress which they did courteously - always knowing the position; and whats more it arrived when they said it would.
Thank you TheLoudest.

From: Joe (Reading)

Like many others have said, looked at the prices and thought its to good to be true. Finally took the plunge and bought 8x4 drum mounted multicore. Ordered it at 1:00pm, delivered BEFORE 8:00am the next day. I haven tested it yet, but very well packed, looks the business, and nice touches like the rubber inserts in the XLRs on the drum to protect them.
There will be more orders coming your way soon.
Many thanks.

From: ScotAudio

Great service, quality multicore, unbelievable price, fast delivery - well recommended.

From: Campbell Murray

I just received my 20 way drum and XLR cables, great service and really well packed, superb communication - top class.
Hope to buy again soon.

From: Paul B (Lincolnshire)

I just purchased a 20/4 way 45m Drum Mounted XLR Stage Snake. Have not had chance to use it in a proper show yet, but have been testing it at home and I am extreemly impressed.
I scoured the net for a stage snake, and I could not find anything anywhere near the same price. This obviously makes you a bit doubious about the quality, but this is completely mis-founded. The quality is absoloutely spot on; very well built, extreemly sturdy, and doesn feel like its gonna break after a few times of use.
Echoing what has been said in previous testimonials, the service, from the communication providing me with tracking numbers for the delivery to the fact I placed the order on Monday lunchtime, arrived Tuesday morning. Absolutely brilliant. I can certainly recommend TheLoudest to anyone. Thanks and well done!

From: Richard from "Colloosion"

Excellent service, very helpful, value for money .. what more can I say?.....Our sound engineer thought it was his birthday when he opened the box and pulled out a 30 metre drum. This will make our gigs a lot less hassle from now on.. if we need any more kit there is only one place we will look!!

From: David Cox (Stage Manager Golden Boulder - Sussex)

The 15 Mtr Drum is so good two months down the road... now for a 45Mtr... hey, why not start a collection! Great Value and speed - very much appreciated.

From: Gordon McLoughlin (Scotia UK plc)

We (Scotia UK plc) just bought a 12/4 snake from you for one of our customers. We and they are delighted with the quality and fast service. Well done and thank you - there will be more business coming your way.

From: Richie Thomas

Ive just purchased the 16 Way Multicore for my Live Music Club, and found that it was solid, well put together, crystal clear on all channels, delivered quickly and the cheapest in the UK to boot... Could not be happier!
Also, 20 of the 5M Microphone leads and various converters to go with them... the same can be said for them. Theyll get alot of use with us and will be put through hell!! So far so good!
Thanks for a great service... Ill be back!

From: Steve Collett (Steve Collett Soul Satisfaction)

Thanks for the snake works perfectly well, we are on the lookout for some more equipment and will let you know the details shortly.

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