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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

Selected Testimonials:

From: Danny (Leigh)

I was surfing the net to find a some better 6x9s than my infinity 9603i which were awesome and I came accross these TL-1691 2000w ones from this site. I was amazed at the performances and views from people who have already got them.
I fitted them today straight to my head unit, with no amplifier, no sub and the sound quality and bass that comes out is unbelieveable! Ppl asked me what sub I had and I was like.... none, just a great pair of 6x9s.
I dont care how loud speakers can go, as long as they produce quality sound and bass then im happy! Great speakers and a must buy for anyone looking for sound improvement. Watch out infinity, vibe, fusion and all the other good ones.... theloudest.com are overpowering you all!!!

From: Chris Blake (Sussex)

I have been purchasing and using car stereo equipment for the past 20 years. I have spent thousands in different vehicles and tested all brands and qualities. Firstly I would like to emphasise the courteous, polite and professional manner you use to communicate. Secondly the products you supplied to me are of exceptional quality having just fitted the TL-1092 1500 watt amplifier and TL-1692 1000 watt 6X9s.
I was dubious at first as to their performance based on the price. Let me say BOY was I surprised and who needs subs and boxes taking up your boot space when this baby knocks out volume and bass surpassing a lot highly expensive others. I must say Im well impressed and will be purchasing an awful lot more in the future and my recommendation will be passed on to people in the know and your future business I hope will prosper many thanks and best wishes for your future sales.

From: Steve Pattrick

I bought the TL-1691 speakers 2000w 6x9, and I have just installed them with my amp! They sound sooooooooo good, buy these and blow your frinds away! The voice quality is amazing (I never thought these would sound so good), I had audiobahn 6x9s and I have just replaced them with these! FCUK Audiobahn, Vibe, Sony, Fusion!!! You cannot beat THELOUDEST.COM! Stop reading these reviews and start buying! Worth every penny of £199 I will be buying more!

From: Chris Preece (Somerset)

I just installed one of the two pairs of TL-1691 2000w 6x9s that I bought, and not even sure if its worth fitting the other set. There are no other, not even the vibe qb69, which profess to be the most powerful in the world, which come close to these and the service is very freindly and accomadating too. What more can I say!

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From: Tony (Buckinghamshire)

Just wanted to let you know I fitted the sub and amp today, Its hard to put into words how insanely mental the sound is, I went out for about a 20 minute drive the bass is so powerful that my eye balls were shaking and it made me feel sick, I thought your service was perfect and the quality of the sub, amp, box is on a completely different level from the stuff i have used before.
Thank you very much

From: Jason r (West Sussex)

After shopping around looking at both quality and price I decided to try out the loudest,com and boy am I glad I did! I am running a pioneer head unit linked up to 2x TL2095 2000w amps one feeding TL1691 2000w 6x9s in the rear and the other powering TL1692 1000w 6x9s in the front doors all finished off with a 3000w space 2 active sub, WOW this sounds fantastic it is so clear and well balanced that you do not realise how loud it is until you leave the car and your ears are still ringing lol. This set up is installed in a large people carrier so the sound has to carry across a very large area (in car terms god only knows how good it would sound in a smaller hatchback) and this will still blow your socks off with its VERY VERY hi volume and NO DISTORTION is amazing.
If you are thinking of buying these products take my advice and do it, you will not be disappointed you will be over the moon!! Just to let you know I am not some Halfords Bass head in a corsa, I am in my forties and like the finer things in life like great sound clarity BUT I LIKE IT LOUD!!!!

From: James, plymouth

Bought these 4 years ago, I can vouch for every good comment here. 2013.
Just ordered an amp from here, amazing.

From: antony (derby)

i have recently brought a pair of your TL-1692s and i must say i am glad i did they are mint ive still got to install my front 6.5 also brought from the loudest and then that will be bangin even more

From: Andy OH

Hi I just purchased and installed the TL-1023 3000w Monoblock you sell. this is now fitting tidy in the boot powering both my Kicker L5s in a custom box. the bass in the car is INSANE, everything vibrates but its how I like it.
Ill send some pictures of my install over and I have placed a couple of the stickers on my car so people know. QUALITY PRODUCT

From: Andy Gibbs (Keynsham, Bristol)

i bought a pair of tl-1692 1000 watt 3-way 6x9,s and i must admit these speakers are THE BEST AVAILABLE FOR THE MONEY. you just crank these up and they just take ANYTHING you chuck at them. take my word for it they even put my kappas to shame. ive already placed another order. these guys at the loudest.com are THE TOP DOGS 100%

From: Paul Hunter (Watford, Hertfordshire)

I ordered the TL-1691 2000W 6x9s with TL-2095 Amp & wiring kit, I was a bit sceptical about the Testimonials, but was in my Price Range. I also ordered the enclosures, the Speakers are phenomenal, The sound is crystal clear so sharp, and with some tweaking on my head until got some good Bass, but not as good as a Sub-Woofer, but very good Thumping Bass, I got scared to turn these up, and it got to a point went I though I was gonna skip a heart beat, well worth the Money, its not a Marketing Gimmick, they will get better once I have worn them in.

From: Ben (Telford)

Bought and fitted the TL-1691 2000W 6x9 deal around 6 weeks ago with another branded sub... Very impressed with quality and volume. The mates love them, they use my system instead of there own now. They turn heads wherever I go. Ive used customer service since and they have been very helpful and understanding. Want to save up and get some other bits and bobs (if the mrs lets me) :)

From: Scott (Lincoln)

I bought the TL-2092 3000w amplifier an all i can say is wow, it delivers huge power to the 2000w 6x9s (which i also purchased from the loudest.com) and a 1200w sony sub, the sound is so clear even at ridiculously high levels and the speakers are not even properly run in yet, thank you to all the team at the loudest.com great products and service.

From: Simon (Hampshire)

After searching the net for a decent pair of 6x9s at a reasonable price, I found your 1000w 6x9 speakers. I read through the testimonials and everybody thought they were amazing, and I have to agree. I fitted them into my R33 GTR Skyline, All I needed was a couple of 40mm spacers and they went straight in no probs. I am only using a cheap head unit to power them and they still sound crystal clear. Cant wait to see what they sound like when I hook them up to one of your amps! Its great to see a company who give excellent service, quality products and value for money!

From: Scott (Lincoln)

I bought these TH-1691 2000w 6x9s and all i can say is wow, the sound these speakers produce is crystal clear even when turned up a lot. The bass is so clean and amazing. Thank you guys what an awesome product.

From: Danny Phillips (Blackpool, Lancashire)

I have just purchased the 2000w 6x9s TL-1691 and all I can say is WOW! My friends had always commented on my old speakers on how loud and clear they were but these have just blown them out the window!

Will definitely by buyin off theloudest again, and will be buying some components and an amplifier or 2!

Outstanding Speakers and a truly amazing price!! Thank you very much Theloudest.co.uk!

From: luke (london)

hi ive had my TL-1022 4000w mono amp for nearly a year now its great ive powered a kicker l7 15 with it it was madness but the madness did not stop their i then bought a new car and my l7 15 would not fit so i bought 2x12 vibe black airs and my roof was flexing good amp for the money it dose the job great amp better than my vibe a7 slick it did not power my subs well ive tried the a7 slick on the vibes dose not flex the roof and not that loud the loudest.com was better i know your gonna say ok the amps 1300w peak and the loudest.com is 4000w peak that just shows you the are up for the job and they probley kick out a 1000w rms you try finding a amp for the price that can do that and it dose not over heat mine dose not even get hot or warm and i use to run it 1ohm on the l7 15 thank you loudest

From: ian, cornwall

paid by postal order. still got my new 6x9 boxes within a couple of days. i now have 2 pairs of 1000watt 6x9s with the proper boxes, lookin forward to fittin in my van. cant understand why others are in bizniz with your quality out there. many many thanx ian....

From: jansen (lincolnshire)

wow i just put my tl-hv1 head unit and my tl-1023 3000w sub amp in the t4 and it rocks its so awesome. and the service was totally A1 on time and correct as i ordered. thanks theloudest.co.uk for pimpin my ride. thanks jansen.

From: Dan (Middlesbrough)

I bought a pair of 1000w 6x9s thinking they would be just another set of normal speakers that won't live up to there expectations, I WAS SOOO WRONG, f**k sub with these. I went for the 6x9s with amp an wiring kit and they physically shake my car. All from the parcel shelf. Amazing price and speakers. Just buy some! You won't regret it!!!

From: Kat (Derbyshire)

Awesome stuff! think ill have to re-enforce my windows for these TL-1692 6x9s :p definitely recommended :)

From: Jon (Sussex)

Got a TL-2093 a while back and more recently a TL-2091 too. I'm amazed at how much you get for your money. The peak power figures are as usual pretty meaningless but the real ([email protected]%thd) power outputs are very similar to more expensive amps of the same size. Simple designs with solid build quality and at least as much (if not more) adjustability than other amps. Sound quality a.o.k... If you're thinking about dropping serious money on a posh amp just buy one of these instead and put the saving towards better speakers.

From: Steve C (Essex)

i will definitely be using the loudest.com again as the delivery,service,and product were first class.the easiest amp wiring kit ive ever had to deal with. thanks

From: Brendan (Alcester, Warwickshire)

hey i brought TL-1692 1,000w 6x9'' Car Speakers (2x500 watts), TL-2093 1,000w2-Channel Car Amplifier, TL-1192 2,000w Car Amplifier Wiring Kit, and 2x TL-1690 Pair of Box Enclosures for 6x9''. only briefly connected them up to see them working but from what i've seen there real good quality.
must also say i made a mistake with my order and these guys sorted me out so customer service is top aswell, so thanks guys.

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