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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Michael Hull (West Bromwich)

I ordered my speaker boxes at ten past 12 on a Thurs afternoon, and got them on Fri, what a service! Thank you the loudest.com

From: Chris

What can I say guys?! They look great, nice design and really powerful.
1. delivered within a day
2. packaged brilliantly
3. Great product for the price. you wont get these baby's in the shops! Great Work TheLoudest!!!

From: Mel Gardiner (Suffolk)

If Carlsberg made car hifi, it would probably be called THE LOUDEST.COM! PERFECT 10. The communication was first class as was the delivery time and packing. The item exceeded expectations too, and looks and works a treat. The TL-1092 1500w amp is some piece of kit for the price.

From: Jason Browring (Barnet)

An unbelievable company to deal with! Super fast delivery goes to show that the service is as good as their products. I will definitely be buying from again, either for me or someone else. Many thanks guys keep up good work!

From: Nathan Croker (Somerset)

Out of all the Kenwood, Sony, JBL etc. Systems I’ve installed, this outweighs them all by far! Everything’s fitted now, 2x TL-1691 6x9s (2000w), all TL-1051 door speakers (175w), 1x 3,000 watt TL-1121 sub and 2x TL-1023 3,000 watt Class D amps – and it is impressive!
I would certainly recommend TheLoudest.co.uk to anyone seeking high quality sound, at very reasonable prices! Nothing is going to break the bank, but it might break your car windows... or other peoples!

From: Indo (London)

I bought the stunning TL-1023 Class D digital monoblock subwoofer amplifier just a few days ago, it came very well packaged, just as an amp as powerful as this should be. I also received a set of theloudest.com car stickers and a pen!
The amp is beautifully designed, much lighter compared to my old 1800 watt mono block amp, thanks to better efficient design that loudest.com are experts at.
I powered the amp to my 2 1000watt pioneer subs and oh my! The bass just blew me away! Stunningly powerful bass like id never heard before, even the neighbours had to ask me to turn it down as it was shaking their house windows! I couldn't resist taking my car for a spin with the stunningly powerful bass and amp in tow setting off car alarms! But what I didn't realise was on of my car side mirrors glass had fallen out due to the high level of bass!! Thats how powerful this amp is. Once again keep up the great work and great products loudest.com you guys deffo put some of the so called big names to shame TOP MARKS!

From: Calum (W Nottingham)

I recently bought the TL-1691 2000W 6x9 speakers along with the TL-1091 3000W amp. I ordered them on my lunch break at about 1.00pm and could not believe it when they turned up the next day at 8.30am!
I was unsure how to go about fitting them as I am a novice with cars and electrics, but thought I would give it a go and follow the instructions. I was amazed at how easy it was to fit the amp, and how clear the instructions were. Then I wired up the speakers, AMAZING!!!!!!!
The sound reproduction is first bar none, and the bass on them is mint! Have had so many comments on how clear the sound is, no distortion whatsoever! Well worth the money, not just for the quality of gear but for the amazing delivery service they offer!
Only one problem...... the light in my spoiler now rattles with the BASS!

From: Mike (Portsmouth)

I bought a pair of TL-1690 6x9" speaker boxes and they are amazing, they look really smart and they my speakers sound better as well. Thanks for the great communications and great product!

From: Neil Garton (Peterborough)

I bought the TL-1691 6x9 3 way speakers (2x 1000w) and what can I say, very very impressive. They are easy to fit and even easier to wire up with all the fittings and wire supplied. When I first turned them on I knew straight away that they were a lot better than my old speakers and even running them through an amp with the stereo turned up high, there is no distortion whatsoever.

From: Dave Bamlet

I ordered a set of the TL-1691 2000w 6x9" speakers on Wednesday and they arrived Thursday morning! Talk about quick delivery.
This is the second order I have placed and can assure people they sell quality products and the claims made with their products are in no way exaggerated.
This is the most proffesional company I have dealt with and will have no hesitation in recommending them to people. Phenominal products that are head and shoulders above the competition. I am definately one happy customer.

From: S Campbell (Kent)

I just recieved my TL-1692 1000w 6X9s with the TL-1092 1500w amp and TL-1192 2000w wiring kit, along with the TL-1023 Monoblock 3000w amp to go with my subs.
Super quick delivery, brill service and very professional. Products packed very well and it all looks in excellent condition. Cannot wait to install these into my car, will be recommending these fine people to my friends and family.
Lovely service, can't wait until I need something else.

From: Mark (London)

I just installed my TL-1022 4000 watt subwoofer amp and it pounds! I'm running 2x 15 inch jbl gt4's in a saloon car and belive me its loud!! The amp isn't even half way up on the gain and my front wiper blades are shaking!!
I was unsure at first as I've not heard of these guys before, but now I got it, I would say that they are miles in front of all the top leading amps .Excellent service, next day delivery also. Possibly now thinking to upgrade the subs and really go to town! Thanks to all at the loudest.co.uk

From: Danielle (Kent)

Firstly might I comment on the excellent service I have received from the Loudest.com staff!
I have just installed the TL-1023 subwoofer amp, and this is possibly the best amp I have heard! This is the second Loudest amp in the family and I will continue to purchase them for as long as I remain with hearing! They run my twin Pioneers with perfection! Would recommend again and again!! A***

From: Steve (Manchester)

I just purchased two TL-1120 12" Sub Woofer Boxes and a pair of TL-1690 6x9 enclosures, let me tell you I am not at all disapointed. The sub boxes are awesome, deep resounded low frequencies that move your entire body and an overall good response across the entire lower frequency range. Absolutely no vibration from the excessively thick manufactured cabs and top it all off a very nice matt black vinyl finish that in my opinion looks far superior to the carpet finishes. Gold terminals and connection cables for internal wiring included (thick gauge as well).
Topped the whole lot off with the 6 x 9 enclosures and the final sounding product is top class.
Used my own preference of speakers and not The Loudest brand, but I am sure that if the cabinets are anything to go by then the speaker range will be just as good.
Thanks The Loudest you have made my day, week, year, lifetime.

From: Imtiaz

I just had my TL-1121 sub installed with the TL-1023 amp and you won't believe the amount of power it was producing. After listening to the stereo for only half an hour it felt like my ears were bleeding. Trust me, tou have to experience the power for yourself to believe it. 3000 watts max power, I feel sorry for anyone who gets too close to me at the lights!

From: Pete S (Edinburgh)

I have to admit, this TL-1022 4000w amp is impressive. Not only did it arrive quick, but installation was a doddle, together with the 3000watt Pioneer sub, which compliments it perfectly. The result is simply AWESOME. The amp isn't even half way and the drivers' seat basically massages me with the bass power. You could easilly run 2 of these subs on this amp. Can fault it. More than happy to recommend the service that TheLoudest.Com supply, and the amp.

From: Thomas Clarke (Birmingham)

Many thanks for the TL-1690 6x9 boxes. Excellent efficient service, I will use you again. Just what I was looking for and the price was right. CHEERS!

From: David (Salisbury)

I purchased a TL-1021 8000w mono block amplifier. SERIOUS power for the money and looks the part too. Very well packaged, overall very impressed. Will definatly be buying from loudest.com in future.

From: Matt Selby (Cardiff)

I ordered a load of gear from the loudest and must say I'm more than well pleased. After installing the 3000w TL-1121 Sub, 1x 3000w TL-1023 amp, 2x 1500w TL-1092 amps, 1 x 3000w TL-1091 amp, 2x2000w TL-1691 6x9s & 2x 1000w Components, my car is louder than glastonbury!
After coming back from Japshow this week, im thinking of asking for commision as the amount of people that wanted to know how to buy this equipemt after hearing it was staggering. Quick Delivery, Extremley high clarity and very loud!!
Infinity, JBL, Sony, Pioneer got nothing on these guys!

From: Brian Galpin (Basingstoke)

Quality products from a quality vender. Purchased 4x2000w TL-1691 6x9's and a TL-2092 3000w amp along with wiring kit. I have only got the amp and 2 speakers fitted at the moment, but the sound quality is fanastic. The online backup/advice is first class. I would not hesitate to purchase further equipment from these guys.

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