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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Lee (Southampton)

I saw these and they looked tasty (TL-1692s), I thought that they were to good to be true... as I have had many 6x9s in the past and always have been dissapointed with their performance. Sonys, Kenwoods, Infinitys, etc. I decided to take a gamble, I had never heard of these before. I purchased them and was very happy to see them arrive the next day. I got to work and had a 18 mm mdf shelf made wrapped in black accoustic carpet. I planted these in & have them runnin off an old amp & they sound amazing! I hope to purchase their amp to power them to full potential. Even with an old amp they still kick. I have 2x 12" pioneer spl subs @ 1000 watt rms running off a vibe slick 1500w rms monoblock amp & my system kicks with the help of these 6x9s. I am looking to get the components soon too. Great product, great servive, thanks guys you are the best.

From: Joe (Essex)

I bought the TL-1192 2000w amp wiring kit. The item came very quickly. The item was really well packaged and the quality of the item is amazing for the price. Also the communications were very good, as they responded quickly to emails. I am very happy with the item, the level of service and ... the FREE PEN! :)

From: Jim (Chesire)

Well impressed, I bought these TL-1691 speakers, I already had an amp but it was not powerfull enough, so I came back and bought the TL-1091 amp. Now I am 41 love my rave still and these babies perform! Will be doing the fronts in a few weeks. I have had all kinds in the past Sony, Infinity, you name it, but for quality, price service [fantastic], this is all youy need! Well done to you guys for the perfect package. Cheers, Jim.

From: Raghav (Middlesex)

Excellent customer service, awesomely quick delivery and £ for £ better than any other speakers (TL-1692 1000w 6x9s = loads of bass and sound quality), amps and wiring you can find. Easy to fit too... I'm eyeing up the TL-1651 6.5" component speakers now.

From: Ricky (Sunderland)

I have owned the TL-1092 1500 watt amp for around 2 years with it first powering a poor set up in my Mini, when I sold the car a took the amp out and it has been sitting in a damp shed for over a year. I took it out the other day as I was installing a new set up in my new car, I kept it in the house to dry the damp out. I currently have it set it up with a 1200w Pioneer sub and WOW! I now dont want to leave my car! Clear, smooth and powerfull bass, unbelievable quality and value!

From: Nick Payne

I bought the TL-1691 6x9's. Excellent delivery and communication from a company who obviously care about their customers. Once fitted, I was quite literally blown away! The clarity and depth of sound delivered by these units are quite amazing, and knocks the nuts off the competitors. Power handling is amazing too, no worries about cranking the volume up anymore; whereas other so called 'high power' speakers would be distorting, these speakers just keep on going with no loss of quality.
One word of advice though, if you're wondering whether or not to buy - STOP wondering and just do it! You'll be blown away too!

From: Chris (Romford, Essex)

I ordered the TL-1690 6x9 boxes yesterday at 3.30pm and was rather dubious about the next day delivery, even though I managed to beat the 4pm deadline. What a shock when at 8.30am the following morning the courier knocks on my door with my parcel - now thats service....
The boxes were very well packaged and are extremly well made. Everything is included, instructions, screws the lot. Absolutely amazed at the quality of the service and the companie's products. Will without doubt sing there praises to anyone who is interested.

From: Steve P (Kent)

The speakers I purchased were a pair of TL-1692 1000w 6X9s with the TL-1092 1500w amp and TL-1192 2000w wiring kit. Once I hooked them up they blew my ears away! They run off a pioneer head unit (50wattsX4). They are very loud and I recommend getting these. I cant imagine how loud the 2000w 6X9s will be!!!
The delivery was as promised - next day, and even better it was free! Brilliant service. Highly recommended!

From: Imran Zafar (Middlesex)

I recently purchased the TL-1091 3000w amplifier to run my 2 Pioneer 1200w subs. The Amps power is incredible and I was doubting what I had purchased until I hooked the amp up in my car. With some tracks the bass is unbearble and I need ear plugs. I would recommend this product to anyone!

From: Dean (Hampshire)

I bought some of the TL-1691 2000 watt 6x9 off this website and they are amazing! The sound quality is perfect and if you buy some I can guarantee you will fall in love with them! I have! Their TL-1121 sub is so bassy it feelslike your jumping out of your seat, so go for both and I know you won't be dissapointed.

From: McKenna (Derbyshire)

Just installed my new TL-1023 3000w amp and TL-1121 3000w sub into a 106. Just fits perfect in the boot. No room for shoppin like but who cares! So easy to fit and wire, I quite enjoyed it.
Just tested it this morning and I could not believe the quality of it. Its a night club on wheels! Pure bass and I recomend theloudest by far. Top bunch of people. Thanks fellas.

From: George

I ordered some TL-1690 6x9 speaker boxes for my vito van. What a brill idea, easy to fit no mess super job. The loudest.com will defiently get some more bussiness from me and my crew.

From: Chris (Milton Keynes)

I recently bought some TL-1692 1000w 6x9's from theloudest.com, I ordered by phone, a usefull and nice bloke answered the phone. The package came at 10:00AM and i've just fitted them, WOW WOW WOW!!! They sound so amazing, all of the equipment is well produced and top notch manufactured. I will definately be purchasing an amp and a sub from you guys! Don't have doubts about buying these speakers- just go with your instinct, you won't regret!!

From: Rob Grant

After killing my old car stereo, I decided to get all new everything. I came across the loudest.com and bought the TL-1692 1000w 6x9's and the TL-1092 1500w amplifer and wired them up to my new stereo. The sound is unbeleivable for the size of speaker. Playing my trance music is even better quality and alot louder now. Delivery was super fast and stress free. Top marks from me and any one reading this to decide if to buy or not, trust me you wont be disapointed.

From: Ben (Surrey)

I did have 2 amps but it wasn't loud enough so I bought the monster TL-1021 8,000w amp and put my 2 orion h2 subs on it. The subs lasted about 2 weeks then the subs went, one of them the rubber surround come off and the other blew, and that was at half gain!! This amp is amazingly powerful and great quality at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

From: Danut Cojocaru

The postage was very quick, next day delivery!
I got the TL-1023 3000w monoblock amplifier and the TL-1121 3000w subwoofer and I am very pleased with them. The sound is great, unbelievable! If someone wants the best bass this is the choice. I would recommend the loudest.

From: Andrew (near Guildford, Surrey)

I just purchased 6x9 speaker boxes. Couldn't be easier to use. The speakers fitted exactly.
Many thanks TheLoudest.com

From: John (Worcestershire)

TL-1051 5" speakers:
I was very impressed with the quality of the product from the begining, well packaged and complete with all neccesary fitting components, cables instructions and everything else. I was a little concerned at first about wether they would fit depth wise as the magnet on these things is huge! But there was absolutely no problems with the fitting (apart from a lack of space so I couldnt fit the grills on). The sound quality was as impressive as the build quality and was a vast improvement on the previous speakers I had. Generally speaking these things look the part and sound the part and I will definately be using theloudest.com again for the rear speakers in my car!

From: Mario Ingham (Buckingham, UK)

This TL-1023 amp is sick! My new hobby is setting off car alarms, will definately use again.

From: Flemmo (Jamaica)

Tl 1021 Digital mono block amplifier, I think the Loudest.com should package some reliable ear plugs and a db meter along with this amplifier and if possible a way to get out of jail free, after setting off burglar alarms down a town alley or for destruction of property after driving through a housing scheme. I would recommend this amplifier to any one who enjoys BASS LINE at a extremely high level.

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