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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Ian (Home Counties)

I was a little dubious when I found the loudest web site about "power claims" on their speakers and amps! You've heard it all before. I took a chance as the price was good as were the reviews.
I bought the TL-1651 6.5" 2 way speakers (2x200w) with next day delivery. (The speakers did arrive NEXT day!!) The speakers were packed very well and visually looked the business.
The comprehensive instructions were easy to follow. What a revelation the sound quality is, absolutely "AWESOME" forget expensive brand names and just buy some of these. You won't be disappointed, I certainly wasn't as everything about these speakers is as described!!!

From: Tony Hyde (Derbyshire)

Stumbled across these guys on the web and was blown away by the products they were offering for the price. Purchased the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s, the TL-1091 3000w amp and its TL-1191 wiring kit. These items seemed to arrive the moment I pressed the "pay now" button and once unpacked was amazed by the sheer quality. Everything now installed in my Omega and the sound, power and clarity is everything I wanted and much much more. Everything about TheLoudest.com is top notch, they know their products and their backup second to none. Don't bother with the high street shops just use these people. There is now a Vauxhall Omega driving around Derbyshire wearing your graphics!

From: Matt (Wigan)

I bought the TL-1192 2000w amp wiring kit. Very fast delivery and the wires are of exceptional quality which can be heard against inferior wires. Very well packaged too. Highly recomended. Hope to use again soon.

From: Shaun Morris (Weymouth)

I purchased the TL-1692 6x9 1000watt speakers, TL-1092 1500 watt amp and TL-1192 2000 watt wiring. What can I say? If you dont believe all these comments you are missing out, brilliant price for such a quality bit of kit, you dont need to spend £400 on a brand name like pioneer etc just buy this and smirk at your m8's when there system doesn't sound as good as THELOUDEST.COM

From: Peter Withers

I've bought the TL-1690 6x9 speakers boxs and they are great!!!!!! I only put some ministry of sound 350w speakers in them and its brilliant!!!!

From: Mark Lee

I have just brought the TL-1691s 6x9s and let me tell you if you are thinking about buying these "DO IT THEY ARE AMAZING". I had never heard of TheLoudest.com when I first come across them and neither had any of my mates, but after looking in to the spec I could see these were some bad ass speaker. They arrived next working day as promised and just from the weight of the box I knew I had done the right thing.

Let me tell you I had my doubts about these but once I hooked them up all my doubts disappeared. Even just running them off a 4x50 head unit they sound amazing and give as much bass as having a sub. All I can say is Credit to Theloudest.com and I’ll be back soon.

From: Claire Sargent

I have just installed my new 4000W amp and --WOW-- Its only at just over quater of its gain and I fear my rear window will shatter and the bolts holding my spoiler on will loosen!! Also the dynamic bass on my head unit is off! I dare'nt turn it to 1 letalone 3!!! I was'nt sure how good it would be, going on the price but I am AMAZED!!! Please buy with confidence. Il be back soon to upgrade my speakers!! :-)

From: Gurdeep (Wolves)

I would firstly like to thank the loudest for their quick delivery service. This amp is WICKED, I have hooked it up to a 3000W subwoofer and it can really perform. This amp actually causes the back shelf in my car to jump up n down!! The Loudest was reccomended to me by a friend, and I would also reccomend it to anyone! Keep up the good work!!

From: Naveed

I Bought the TL-1692 1000w speakers the voice quality is amazing gives very good bass great speakers and a must buy for anyone looking for speakers in this price range. Excellent service, I'm really happy with TheLoudest.Com thanks.

From: zoe

I bought a 4000w amp and wiring kit which arrived the next day which was brilliant. Its amazing and I would advise Theloudest.com all day long. The amps sounds wicked and soo pleased with it. When put amp in I couldnt belive how loud it was and it absolutly kicks! The wiring kit also makes a big difference and with the battery terminal thats comes with it my system has a lot better connection.
I would never buy these items anywhere else again. Thankyou soo much. 10/10

From: James

I just bought the TL-1691 6X9" 2000w speakers from the loudest.com .Great pair with loud and clear sound that even direct form headunit you can hear the difference from normal speakers. Efficient service and arrived when stated. Delivery in excellent condition easy to install . Keep it up THELOUDEST.com thats what I call loud ;-)

From: Mike Winder

I Ordered some 6x9 speaker boxes (TL-1690) I have never seen such a good idea! and at such a great price! The boxes are very well made and look awsome!! plus a lightening fast delivery and great communication! This is how things should be! could not have asked for more!!! I would recomend to anyone!!
Keep up the good work!!

From: Ben Biscoe

Unbelieveable service- ordered TL-1692 on 4.30 Tuesday, recieved 9.30am Wednesday. As a freight manager I'm aware of the time it takes to process and pack orders- you guys are amazing, as is the product- exactly what I wanted but cheaper than expected and sounds fantastic. Well done, I'll certainly be back.

From: Altaf Shaikh

The TL-1690 speaker boxes arrived extremely quickly and my speakers fitted a treat. I didn't have to cut, glue or measure anything which saved me a lot of hassle making the boxes myself!

From: Rob, Surrey

When I first read the testimonials I thought the TL-1691 2000w 6x9's were too good to be true. So with slight reservations I plucked up the courage to fork out for them, the amp and the wiring kit.
The only thing I regret about this kit is not getting it sooner. It sounds amazing, looks sexy and does exactly what it says on the tin. Top stuff. Oh yeah and the delivery and packaging was fantastically fast and well packed.
Just thinking about getting the sub they advertise aswel.....

From: wayne rainham

Received TL-1690 6x9" speaker boxes good delivery, easy to install sound quality is good. Will deal with again thanks for good survice.


I orderd the TL-1022 4000w Subwoofer Amplifier Monoblock, sounds deep very powerful top notch highly recommended the best place to buy from is TheLoudest.com: I am very happy.

From: Loz. A. (Stevenage)

Just purchaced some TL-1690 6x9 boxes for my parcel shelf project. Flawless build quality and very quick delivery. Thanks guys.

From: Pete

Excellent, arrived at 11:00 the next day, speakers do exactly what they say, give loadsa bass n excellent treble as well. Would definatly recommend to anyone who likes their music loud. but if you like LOADS of bass, still worth buying a subwoofer. The tl-1091 3000w amp is excellent as well and complements the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s.i also purchased the TL-1191 3000w Wiring Kit, which is excellent. All set up and it sounds great, will almost definatly be purchasing their subwoofer if it is as good as the 6x9's and amp have been.

EXCELLENT well worth the money.

From: Alice

I just purchased a pair of TL-1690 6x9 speaker box's and what can I say? These are an excellent idea and a brilliant piece of equipment - No more expensive "stealth shelves" or cutting up parcel shelfs. Dont be worried about losing any sound from your speakers by using these. They are absoulutely wonderful and would defintely recommend them to anybody. I would certainly not hesitate to deal with you again in the future. Thanks alot!

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