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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Friedie Manson (Shetland)

I've fitted these 4" TL-1041 speakers into the rear of my estate car where the originals were (restricted by space, also had to make up enclosures for them as the magnets are so big), the sound is brilliant for such little speakers, I can now have the head unit fader set in the middle and turn up the volume to enjoy good bass mid and treble through out the car. The service from The Loudest is excellent, keep up the good work, Cheers.

From: chris

I purchased the TL-1691 2000w 6x9 and the TL-1091 3000w amp along with a TL-1191 full wiring kit. I can say that they are massive. The first time I used them I was in my garage and the volume woke the dead. Personally I am not easily impressed but I love these speakers and every time I use them they seem to get louder.
Overall OUTSTANDING both in performance and service would recommend to the world.

From: Ben (Stoke)

Just set up my TL-1692 1000w 6x9's. Believe me these speakers are not just loud but also VERY clear. I will be ordering some of the 4" speakers you sell to match. Also, they were delivered in less than 15 hours of placing the order!!!

From: Richard Maclellan (Edinburgh)

I bought the TL-1091 3000 Watt Amplifier a few weeks ago. I have mainly used loudest.com because of all the good feedback about the products and the company, and they lived up to their name my car shakes so much the dials on the dashboard and headlights actually flash on and off! Thanks loudest.com you lived up to your name.

From: nick

iv'e just bought the tl-1091 3000w amp and tl-1691 2000w 6x9's and there f'in awesome.the service is great all on time no probs at all.highly recommended also will be puttin the free vinyl's on me car and get the word around and about of the quality of these products.keep up the good wrk lads

From: Andy Brice

I bought the TL1691s 6x9s and have to say I'm very impressed. Running them as rear speakers with a 4 x 85w RMS channel amp and 2 x 5" Celestion fronts. The Celestions are running out of puff long before the 1691s and I'm having to turn the fader to the rear if I want to really turn it up.

Sound quality is excellent too and they handle high power with plenty of bass boost so I can't see any reason to fill my boot with a sub. It now looks like I need some TL1051s to replace the Celestions in the front doors, which I had previously been very pleased with... and Celestion have been in the speaker business a long time!

From: Dave Banlet

I Bought the TL-1692 1000w speakers, TL-1092 amplifier and TL-1191 wiring kit. Installation was a breeze just simply plug and play no messing about with crimps etc.I was totally blown away by the sound and bass this system produces the clarity and depth of bass is outstanding. I know people who have spent a small fortune to get these type of results.
There are companys out there that make outlandish claims about their products but be assured that the loudest.com is not one of them.These people deliver exactly what they promise outstanding products at a low price.
Excellent service excellent products, WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?

From: Will (Brighton)

(TL-1091) in all honesty, THIS AMP IS THE NUTS!!! Seriously though, its REALLY good! I think you need to have some amazing subs first though coz the power the amp gives out is just sooooo much! I've only got one measly little 12er and even with the amp on the minimal settings it kicks big time! An amazing amp for an amazing price. Im gonna get another one to power the 2000w 6x9s on this site! Woohoo! cant wait!

From: Matthew Carling

TL-1091 is the best 2 channel amp I have ever purchased. This amp has worked wonders with my subs and is just what I needed to finish my install. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their I.C.E set up. Thanks Matt.

From: Stephen (London)

I brought a pair of TL-1692 1000W 6x9's.... honest opinion, they're as good as people are saying, if not better! You can crank up the music and there is NO distortion at all, the sound is crisp and clear. All the bits you need are in the box and the build quality is brilliant! Easily better than any other 6x9's I previously had (I've brought a lot). I'm running the units off of a Sony Xplod GT300 headunit 4x50w and they do sound great! I really fancy getting the TL-1121 4000w 12" sub with the amp but I fear my back window may not last too long. Top equipment, don't believe me, get a set and try them!

From: Craig Huckle

Well.. F**K ME! how amazing are the TL-1692 1000W 6x9's! Vibe can shove theirs right up there a**e. cant wait to buy the TL-1092 1500w amp from you as im sure it will kill my sony 1000w as well.
top class lads keep up the great work.

From: Gary (Worthing)

Ordered speakers late one sunday evening, had e-mail confirming order Monday pm, speakers delivered early Tuesday am.
The only thing more impressive than the customer service is the performance of the speakers (TL1692). Brlliant thumping base, absolutely no distortion whatsoever. Had them as loud as I could stand, I chickened out way before the speakers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

From: Rich Stanway (stoke-on-trent)

The ultimate TL-1691 2000w 6x9 an TL-1091 amp. Dont waste money on anything else! Taken me an my mate 4 hours to fit fully an hide away wires. Sounds FANTASTIC with my head unit! Makes my old kenwood 6x9's an amp sound like a old saab 900 with squeaky bearings. Dont even need a sub it sounds that good! All my mates want one now. Purfic

From: Jason King

I purchased:

TL-1691 2000w 6x9s,
TL-1091 3000w Amp,
TL-1191 3000w Wiring Kit.

Ok well i was dubious about all the hype of this kit, i ordered my goods, turned up next day, well packed, all in perfect condition. I managed to put in the entire kit in an hour, was quite easy.
I am currently running a JVC head unit, 4x50w with a SPL-X 200W Sub I wanted some extra power, as the 30w sonys were ok, but the sub could drown them out.

Ok, i am very pleased with this setup, the sound is great, i can hear sounds never heard, the bass is equal to my sub, so i dont even need that anymore, although i may keep it in just for fun ;-), i can turn my stereo to full and no distortion, and the car bangs.
Well worth the money, great sound and performance, thinking of getting another kit for the front :-).

So if your thinking about it, just do it, i promise you will not be disapointed in any way. BARGAIN!

From: Joe (Gatwick)

Received TL-1690 6x9" speaker boxes super fast and A1 condition as advertised. Very happy with the way they look and how easy they are to install. Thanks very much for your quick and professional service.

From: liam c

I orderd the tl-1091 3000w amp. One word. Superb. superb service, delievrd at da promisd time. superb amp, very powerful. top notch. highly recommended.

From: Colin

I just installed the TL-1691s, the TL-1091 3000w amp and the TL-1191 3k wiring kit. I had been looking for a sub, but will not be buying one as the thump that comes out of these 6x9s is incredible.
I talked to several guys here (N.Ireland) about theLoudest.com. Nobody had heard of them. They will be hearing of them everytime i'm out in the car. I would gladly recommend them.
Excellent after sales from friendly staff. Order arrived from England 23 hours after I ordered it. It really is "next day service".
All our car audio will come from the loudest. Excellent kit! Thanks.

From: chris (telford - shropshire)

I would just like to say how impressed i am with the speed of delivery, this has to be the best set of speakers i have ever bought. (TL-1692)
I have even taken my sub out and cant tell the diference wow !!!!
I have not put them through an amp yet (having trouble getting through the bulk-head), but i cant wait to get them hooked up they are gona sound mint!!!!
thanks to all the team for fast delivery, friendly comunications and an A1 service............ your all stars :-)

From: Ste

I bought a pair of 1000W TL-1692s and these are the first 6x9s i have bought. These easily beat all other 6x9s in this price range. I am currently running them of my kenwood head unit and they still produce great bass with a silly high top end with great clarity. I would highly recomend these speakers to everyone and i will be buying more products from theloudest.com in the future.

From: chris allison

hi guys just rec'd TL-1191 3000w wiring kit just the business gr8 piece of kit makes a change to get extras in the box as well.
gr8 product guys keep em coming !!!

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