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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: andrew

I just purchesed a pair TL-1691 2000w 6x9s. have to say the sound quility is spot on and the bass is astounding even running from my panasonic head unit. definilty looking forward to buying the amp to go with them. just to mention the customer services are spot on and delivery was prompt.
you shall be hearing from me in the not to distant future regarding another purchase.

From: mark craven

Fast, efficient, quality product for good price. superb delivery, would deal with and recommend again. (TL-1192 2000w Wiring Kit).

From: Friedie Manson (Shetland)

These TL-1691 6x9 2000w speakers are outstanding when connected straight from the head unit, much better than the 9603i Infinities fitted before, once coupled up to the TL-1092 1500w Amp it was a fantastically loud and very clear sound that came from them.
The service from theloudest.co.uk is also outstanding, very helpful and very quick to send the order.

From: Tim B (bristol)

I just received a TL-1092 1500w 2 chnl amp and TL-1192 wiring kit. Excellent values, great service and unbeleavibly quick delivery and best of all tons better than anything else on the market will be ordering more from here shortly.

From: Gavin

TL-1091 3000w 2 channel amp, cracking amp have it connected to 4 160w Polks on a wakeboard tower, sounds excellent when wakeboarding 75ft behind the boat. I would say this is the best amp I have ever owned and I have had a few.

From: Tina Warner

I would like to thankyou for a excellent service. The equipment i ordered was 1st class. I would highly recommend your company.

Many Thanks, Tina.

From: Daniel Monins

I bought a pair of 2000W 6" x 9" (TL-1691) and a 3000W 2-way amp (TL-1091) with the wiring kit (TL-1191) and put them in my Clio, which took about 3 hours which me and my old man thought was quick seeing though we had no electrical expiernce what so ever. This is the best money I've ever spent. It is unbelievably loud.
My friend spent over £500 on his sound system and it's no way near as good as mine and it doesn't look as good. I listen to alot of bassy rock like Rage agaisnt the machine and its so good the bass from it shakes my car which is so impresive seeing though there 6" x 9" speakers. I can't wait until I have enough money to buy a sub for it aswel obviously from you.

From: Daniel Carter

For around a year I used a Sony Xplod 480watt amplifier to power my 12” subwoofer. I was never happy with the level of sub bass amplification as standard so purchased an 8volt line drive to give the amp a bit more pep, which seemed to work well. However in the summer of 2006 I was rather annoyed with the amp cutting out with the heat so went on the search of a better amp. After many hours on the net I came across the TL-1092. I was dubious as to whether the amp could truly provide 1000watts bridged into a 4ohm sub but thought for the price I would give it a go.
I ordered the amp on the Friday evening and it arrived in tank like packaging on the Tuesday as promised. I removed my line driver and Sony amp and strapped in the TL-1092.......... forgot to turn the gain down to minimum and nearly blow the windscreen out of my car with loud, hard hitting, high quality “BASS!”.
After checking the car was still intact I went about tuning the amplifier gain on the amp and head unit as stated in the manual (always read the manual boys and girls). The amp only needs around 1/3 gain (if that) to easily match the volume achived by a Sony Xplod amp with an 8volt line driver and is currently running just under 2/3 gain. The bass quality on the TL-1092 seems much better then the Xplod, as it has a much deeper punchier bass note.
I would certainly recommend this amp to anyone, so much so that my mate is already eye-ing up a pair of 6x9s and a TL-1092! Nice one lads! Any chance of a 4 channel version so I can run my main speakers off it?

From: kerry cox

(1500watts competition TL-1092) This is most probably the best amp ive heard, thanks...

From: Thad Ford

The TL-1692 unit's are great, plenty of power and every bit as clear and defined as the description. Really good deep bass with no crack or distortion and clear, full mids and trebles. Customer service is impeccable! Thanks very much- I will definitely be back!

From: Daniel (Doncaster)

Wow, what can I say?? Truly awesome, delivery was prompt, and the TL-1691 speakers are great, brilliant build quality, very heavy, everything about them is big, they feel extremely robust and finally the sound quality AWESOME even with my head unit and especially with the loudest.com 3000w amp. The loudest and best 6 X 9's I’ve ever heard, the bass is magnificent!!! It still shocks me sometimes how much my seat rattles, the glimpses from people that are miles away from my car that have heard these beasts. Take it from me its money well invested. I'm now saving up for the loudest.com subs (can't wait).

From: Gav (maidstone)

You will not find any other brand of speakers that come close to the power and clarity of the TL-1691 6x9, and with the TL-1091 amp powering them with a 3000w wiring kit it literally blew my nuts off! Highly recomend.

From: ian (birmingham)

What can I say people absolutely fan bloody tastic, just installed my TL-1691s 2000w 6x9" speakers today awesome absolutely awesome blew my pioneer 6x9s away well recomended will be back for more stuff FANTASTIC! keep up the good work theloudest.com


I bought the, TL-1691 2000w 6x9s, TL-1091 3000w amp and TL-1191 3000w wiring kit, I also bought boxes TL-1690 to mount the 6x9s as I have a 4x4 (Isuzu bighorn/trooper) and no back shelf. I installed it all on sunday. And all I can say about it is.
.....................F#CKING OUTSTANDING..................

My old 6x9s (JBL) now in the bin...
Sound quality 10/10
Value for money 10/10
Delivery (FREE) 10/10
Speaker boxes (top quality) 10/10
THE LOUDEST (the best) 100/10
Many thanks, Ill be back

From: harpreet

When i hooked these TL-1692 6x9s up 500watss each i thought for the price they would be ok, but i was blow away, the base response put my sony sub to shame, now i just have my 6x9s in and thats bass enuf for me, i am runnin off my head unit, if u hooked these 2 a amp, they will blow u away, thanks guys for the fantasic product at a fantasic price.

From: ian

I just brought the competition pro tl-1092 amp what can I say well worth it. It powers my 800watt sub very nice it totally blew me away. The bass of it is awsome got me some 6x9s cumming of the loudest dot com 2000 watters can wait for them! Be back for more highly recomend to anyone awesome.

From: Raks

I have just bought the TL-1692 1000 watt 6X9s. Trust me guys, these are superb..! You don need a seperate sub.
They sound great...! On top of that a totally professional service from the people at THELOUDEST.CO.UK I can highly recommend them...
Thanks again guys.

From: Will

I have just bought a pair of 2000w TL-1691s and they are amazing. I have been slowly upgrading my system for awhile using several major brands, the build and sound quality is in a league of its own. The spec almost sounded to good to be true but in my opinion they deliver everything as promised. I would definately use again and recommend, cheers.

From: xs limos

I have tried loads but these boys supply good gear, very good after sales and good to deal with. I fit there stuff in all my limousines and it needs to be loud and clear and thats what it is. other crap wont fill a limo this stuff will.

From: John

I have Put this TL-1091 amp up to my 380w speakers and Sub and the sounds is unbelievable! i have never had an amp that sounds this good! just wish i had gone for the 8000w now but im thinkin of investing in one in the furture!

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