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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Kurt (London)

i had been looking to buy sum sounds for my new 306 Xsi for 2 week but with there's being so much out there, this left me confused & unsure what the buy, also to get the best for my £££. ppl kept telling me infinity, JBL but i wanted more lol. then i stumbled across this EPIC SITE!! i did the research and it paid off. so i e-mailed "sales @ theloudest.co.uk" about a few things on running there stuff, they seemed friendly & very responsive in the reply, so ordered myself TL-1692 1000w 6x9, 1000w amp TL-2093 & there 2000w wiring kit TL-1192... next day delivery as well FTW!! after haven em for a few days now I'm glad i joined the list of the ppl with these truly epic sounds.
m8's are blown away by the power of em. U NO IT MAKE SENSE!!

From: Aswad (London)

A 3 years ago I brought 2 sets of your TL-1651 400w 6.5" 165mm Speakers to replace the factory door speakers in car. I ran these from a aftermarket head unit and was please with the results for ages. I recently upgraded the headunit and thought lets give the door speakers some more juice. So I brought your TL-2093 1000w 2-Channel Amplifier for the job (run in parrallel = 120w RMS to each side of the car). Wow, this truly unlocked the full potential of these awesome speakers. Clarity and definition are in abundance with these quality products. Next I needed to upgrade the cheap sub and amp setup I had so I brought your TL-1121 3000w 12" Subwoofer with your TL-1023 3,000w Class D Amplifier (and also your matched sub box and wiring kit). I only installed it last night and it's being run in at the moment, but wow, even at the low levels that I'm running it's shaking the rear wiper off its seat. Nice crisp clean bass rolls through you from what i can only describe as truely top class manufactured products. I can't wait to crank up the gain and feel the full force. Everything from these guys comes promptly next day, professionally packaged, and masterfully manufactured. I'll be recommending you guys to all my friends. Thanks theloudest.com, keep up the great work.

From: Stephen Harris (Northants)

This is the first time i used theloudest and they were great very fast and reliable. I brought the sub enclosure from theloudest and the sub and amp of the lad i work with and its so good couldnt ask for better. My brother has got a sony x-plod in his car and this sounds 10 times better it i awesome would recommend to all my friends :)

From: Billy (North Wales)

I recently bought your TL-1191 3000w wiring kit for my car. I was very surprised when it arrived. It came in 2 boxes, had loads of stickers and other bits with it and was very heavy.
I have done a fair few installs on various cars and considering this kit is the same price as a normal 800w kit from halfords, the quality is fantastic.
Everything is ready to go out of the box, I had my wire snips and insulation tape ready and everything and I didn't use any of them.
Very good product at an even better price!

From: Nikki (Bournemouth)

I just bought the TL-1692 6x9 3 Way 1000w and TL-1651 6.5" 2 Way 400w Car Speakers as a surprise for my husbands anniversary pressie....and now i want them!!! They came super fast, were very well packaged and look and feel real quality...hubby is chuffed to bits with them and is fitting them as the moment, i cant wait to hear them :-)
Thank you for such fab service with quality items we will definitely be back for more.

From: Anthony (Blackpool)

Ordered a TL-1023 3000W sub amp, TL-1121 sub, TL-1120 enclosure and TL-1191 wiring kit at around 12.30pm on a Monday. I received the items BEFORE I received the confirmation e-mail the following morning, informing me of my tracking number. TheLoudest team are number 1 for communications, quick delivery and complete quality products. My car now SHAKES with bass, and that's with the gain half way up (breaking in period XD). I will definitely be dealing with theloudest in the future!!

From: Bob (Stevenage, Hertfordshire)

Having being spoilt in my last car with a pair of £250 diamond speakers I found the standard ones in the new car to be crap. Being on a budget I though I would give the TL-1051s a go in the hope that they would bridge the gap quality wise. I ordered them yesterday and I fitted them today (great service!). A bit of tweaking to my amp and head unit and to my amazement they sound just as good as the diamonds did and not even run in yet. Wow, great product, great value but I must advise that you take care fitting and some acoustic proofing is recommended as they are very powerful.

From: Michael Stamps (Telford)

i bought this TL-HV1 head unit last week, i had it installed and ready 2 go in about 10 minutes, i was looking along time for a decent head unit with a dvd player, n thought id gamble on this one, im V. glad i did. it made my original car speakers sound so much better, and the good thing about this, u can watch dvds as u drive, as wiv some u cant! I highly recommend it, i ordered it on monday and got it tuesday, im gonna get my sub and 6x9s from loudest.com as well. hope this helps

From: Graham (Glasgow)

i purchased a pair of 6x9s, tl-1691. fitted them to my escort cabrio and was blown away. no distortion at high volume. if you play bangin tunes get these, you`ll love them. first class kit, quick delivery of goods, excellent communications via e-mail, tracking system to see where your kits at, what more can you ask for.

From: Alun Jackson (South Wales)

I bought the TL-1023 3,000 watt max monoblock amp and the TL-1191 amp wiring kit running it into jbl sub it is absolutely the b*llocks. i didn't think it would be so good! so impressed i am going to have a look at the subs to go with it thanks to theloudest.com, i salute you!!

From: Chas (Birmingham)

Fitted the TL-1041 4" speakers in dash to replace the OEM ones and used 3000w wiring kit to connect to my amp. Excellent clarity and performance from these. Delivery was almost as quick as going into town and buying them. Perfect service, great kit and superb menu like pricing. I will definitely be coming back for more.

From: Keith (Kent UK)

Stop Looking... 6 weeks ago I completed a Hifonics install in my E38 BMW. I built a custom back shelf to support 2 x 6x9s, door pods front and rear to house a further 4, 2 x 12" hifonics DVC's subs in the boot.... after three weeks the cone fell out of the first hifonics sub, and due to a little counter active tweeking the second sub caught fire (OOPS), I hit the net to get a "cheapy" sub to get me by, and landed a "Loudest.com Competition Pro TL-1121 12" (which i'd never heard of) it's not even in the correct size box and it sounds truly outstanding, i have just re-built all my door pods to replace all my Hifonics 6x9's with the TL-1691 2000w 6x9 units, the car now sounds truly outstanding..... A rich full range of sound, the 6x9's provide such a strong depth of sound that you no longer get the feeling the subs are doing all the work.
I have just taken delivery today of the Loudest.com sub box TL-1120 so will keep you posted on the result (I'm expecting great things).... I only wish i'd found this site two months ago!!! I'm seriously thinking about selling the car to start a Loudest.com Project instead..... Outstanding products at outstanding prices.

From: Rob (Leicester)

Brilliant on the delivery, placed an order for 2x TL-1023 amplifiers at 3:45pm on a Thursday and were here by 8:30am next day, wish all companies were that good. Can't wait to install them running 2 pioneer TS-W3001D4's will definitely recommend The Loudest.co.uk to everyone definitely coming back for more :):):):)

From: Philip (Beds)

The TL-1022 4000w amp came next day, got it in and messed around a lil, im running 1 kicker l7 duel 2 15" and boy my wiper blades come off window about an inch, getting another sub and one more of the amps and i think it might shatter my window i wont be able to sit in car great stuff the loudest :)

From: Dean (London)

I bought a TL-2092 3000watt 4 channel amp. I am very pleased with the product and the service I have received.. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future!
Thanks, Dean

From: Dan (Shropshire)

What can I say, what a fantastic company, the service I was provided with when buying my TL-1041 4" speakers was out of this world, and then there is the speakers! Wow they produce sound like I have never heard before, with clarity and volume that I would have paid an awful lot more for!

From: Andy Taylor (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

I have just bought the TL-HV1 Head Unit. Next day delivery, excellent customer services and a good looking unit. Once I installed the unit and had it running, it really does take your breath away. Radio/CD/DVD/TV/iPod/Bluetooth/Remote Control/320w built in amp/3.5" lcd screen. I have an Alpine sub and amp in the boot and factory Fiat Bravo speakers front and rear. Turning on the LOUD mode it transforms these speakers beyond what they are used to. 3 pre outs for subs/1 pre out for additional TV screen/TV Aerial out. Still finding things out. I will shortly be buying TL-1691 2000w 6x9s for the front. They also send out free stuff which I think adds a touch of appreciation from them. If you've ever wanted a really top end head unit, you can't do much better than this. Really really glad I bought this and for the price you won't find anything close. I will be using the loudest again and will be/have been recommending them to friends. Cheers.

From: Brendan (Northern Ireland)

hey folks I bought a pair of 6x9 3way 1000W TL-1692 speakers and I have to say wow I installed them into my corsa D with the standard head unit (cd30) and the power these things produce is amazing. So much bass and clarity, infact in my brothers car he has a 1000w jbl sub and turing amp and these things could almost put his to shame. Will definitely buy from you again!! Speedy delivery very pleasant to deal with A++++++++++++++++++++++

From: Craig Baldwin (Lancashire)

I bought the TL-1021 8000w amp, and 2x TL-1121 3000w subs, and i cannot begin to explain how f**kin mentally mind blowing it sounds, its so loud i havnt yet got it to full capacity without the fear of having to replace the cars windows after doing so, but i can say this: i will be definitely buying more of these guys, maybe another 8000w amp n a few more subs.

From: Daz (Workington, Cumbria)

I bought 2 X pair TL-1651 6.5" (17cm) 2 Way 400w System, Car Speakers(2x200 watt) and 2 X pair TL-1692 6x9 3 Way 1000w Car Speakers (2 x 500 watt).
These speakers are THE BEST, they're 200 times better than the leading brands, they're that good. I am now removing all my previous top brand speakers/subs and decking out my entire car with this brand.
theloudest.com are the best to deal with and have fantastic prices and quality that no other competitor can even come close to.
If you haven’t yet bought from these guys, you obviously don’t know what a real top quality sounds system is.
THANKS TheLoudest.com

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