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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: wilkie

I purchased the 8000w amp d class, dint believe it was true to start with, my mate wired it all up to 2 12" sony, the bass is imense! its in a scooby estate at the minute, n its f****ng awesome! cheers

From: steve, sheffield

I bought a TL-1092 1500w amp as a backup for my original toxic 1600w. After testing it proved not only to be louder but also better quality sound. When I upgraded my system I added another TL-1092 1500w and a TL-1091 3000w amp and glad to say im very impressed. The customer service is excellent and delivery times never cease to amaze me. thanks loudest.com. ill be back.

From: Adam (Bedford)

I have recently purchased the TL-1690 6 x 9 enclosures and was very happy to find that they where high quality boxes. I searched every website but could not find anything to the quality and price of these boxes. Wish your company all the best in the future and will definetly buy somting else!

From: Martin N. Wales

I just recieved my 6x9 boxes. Very good quality and a very good price, but the really impressive thing about `the loudest` for me was the fantastically profesional service. The friendly and informative emails where a breath of fresh air, and the order was delivered quicker than I thought possible. This company deserves a place at the top of the tree. I am definatley coming back. thankyou.

From: Ling

I bought the TL-1092 1500w Amplifier and I was very happy with what it delivered and how clear the sound quality was. Many thanks.

From: Stanton Solomon

I purchased the TL-1022 monoblock amplifier. And running one Kicker 12" solo Baric, and boy does that speaker thump. And I am not even running the amp at full power yet. And after pumping up the volume for a while the amp stays cool. I am realy impressed with the handling ability of this amp, I dont think I could cope with another sub in the car!

From: paul (stoke on trent)

I have recently bought the TL-1120 box for my sub and can say enough about it. The quality really shows, it is so well made and it makes it so easy to fit a sub in yourself and it looks the dogs, I really can recommend these guys enough. Thanks again theloudest.com.

From: Robert from Suffolk

I purchased the 6x9 speaker boxes and im shocked at how good they are for the money I paid.
Quality finish and suprised how well boxed they were. Delivery superb and will deal with them again in the near future.
Thanks for the A+ service!!!!

From: nathan

The amp I bought from the loudest.com is by far the best amp I have owned, Ive had all sorts of amps before alpine, sony, jbl. None of these sound half as good as my new tl-1091. The power this thing give is unbelivable and powers my 2 12 inch kicker subs perfectly. I would like to add that there tecnical support is also second to none.

From: Ashley (East Sussex)

Well what can I say, im amazed at the sound quality and performance of the TL-1092 amp (1500 watts) it puts out so much bass and trebble its 100% a comp amp the service is extremly good too, I ordered on the Thursday and recived it on the Friday ready for the weekend, excellent value and recomend to any one who wants sound, looks and quality.
Will be doing buisness again very soon thanks.

From: lee (south wales)

ive know this company to have some gr8 amps and other equipment so i had to buy the 1500w amp and i have to say its a brillian amp, no problems what so ever and is running my subs superb, thanx a lot and i suggest any 1 need this amount of power to buy this item.

From: Tracy (east midlands)

Wow, first I have to explain that I have an addiction to loud music and due to this addiction have previously blown top brand speakers into distortion. So when I found the TL-1691 6X9" (2000w) I was interested to see if they were as loud as they claimed to be, after putting them with my amp I was literally blown away.
Excellent service, delivery. Highly recomended. All the best and thanks theloudest.com

From: rob (west yorkshire)

Ive gotta say wat a top piece of kit (TL-1092) it goes really well with my 10" sub easy fit and fast gettin to me a must buy for any1 trust me on that 1.

From: simon lindley

OK I admit mine isnt going to ever be the "blingest" sound system but what do you want in a 1984 landrover 90.........I just wanted something that i could hear over the noise of the 2.5 deisel engine!!! And boy did i find it here..after much browsing i finally settled on the TL-1041 4" 3 way 300w thingumies (i was restricted on size) i ordered them at 4:45 pm on the monday and blow me down with a feather they were here at 10 am on the tuesday!! now thats what i call service!! finally got round to fitting them today and hell youd think i was running a 1.1 petrol engine they even drown out the dogs in the back.....In short AWESOME speaker.....AWESOME service and hell I am going to be telling all the peeps on the landrover forums USE THE LOUDEST!!!! thankyou again

From: oli (sutton c/f)

I bought the TL-1691 2000w 6x9 speakers, the TL-1091 3000w 2-Channel Amp and a TL-1191 3000w wiring kit. People just dont understand how powerful these speakers actually are, they are easily 5 times as powerful as the best 6x9s you will find in Halfords. I have a Fli 12" active sub and to be honest these speakers can put out more bass than it. With TheLoudest.Com its not just the speakers that are amazing, the customer service is just as good, 10/10, go buy some stuff from TheLoudest.com, you wont be dissapointed.

From: Luke (Brecon S Wales)

I bought a 2000 watt Amp wiring kit. Great quality and an excellent price too. Definately a recommended company to deal with.

From: Yousaf Khurshid

I was browsing on the internet looking for some decent speakers, when I came accross The loudest.co.uk. Im still amazed at what you get for such a low price. I would recommend without hesitation. I know where to go in the future. I am glad. I purchased a pair of 2000w 6x9s (TL-1691), 3000w amp (TL-1091), 3000w wiring kit (TL-1191).
This product is really unbelievable and the unbelievable thing is whatever they say about this product is truth. O man just stop reading try once lets other know they are going to buy a right thing. Excellent performance with Excellent services. So what u need more? As I have never heard before while I bought it but as I knew theloudest.com is best on other and on 1st position on others brands. I will recommend to all readers do not feel hesitate to buy it its really amazing try it!!! All the best with the business. Thanks theloudest.com

From: H Souter (London)

(TL-1092 1500w Amp) Great amp!! I have it running my Vibe QB69s and they sound great! I challange anyone to get a better amp for the same money!!! Also The Loudest.com have an awsome delivery service. I paid for my amp on a friday and had it on monday. Seriosly you can buy from here with total peace of mind and that is really saying something.

From: Matt (100nx.com) N. London

I have now purchased 2 sets of Competition Pro TL-1051 speakers and I am well impressed. They give excellent clarity and work excellent as components.
The service was excellent and the delivery has been the speediest I have had the pleasure of paying for.
Have to start saving and replace all my speakers, subs and amps with TheLoudest.com products!!!

From: steve davis

I bought a TL-1192 2000w amp wiring kit yesterday over the phone and it arrived this morning. All fitted and the souud it produces is crystal clear.
Top quality product for the money will be using these again in the future.
Cheers lads keep up the good work, Steve.

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