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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Arshod

I used the 4000W amp to drive my two 12" JBL subs at 1200w each. My "Ballz are still shaking" and the amp was only up a quarter!! Excellent service and true value for money.
I would recommend theloudest.com to any-one thanks!

From: James Cook

I have purchased the TL-1692 1000 watt speakers, not yet fitted but I would like to say that theloudest.com has been the fastest delivery I have ever had from any company.
Also the kit has the template and wires which i have previously not had from any other speakers I have bought. I would deffinately buy more equipment from them.

From: Aaron

I just finished installing the TL-1691 2000w 6x9 speakers in my car. WOW! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Loud and crystal clear with plenty of bass. Just what I was after. Thanx guys!

From: Andy Pawlik

First off, Id like to say how good the service was from TheLoudest, items were well packed and arrived the next day as promised. Customer service is second to none!
I bought a pair of TL-1692 1000W 6x9s and a TL-1022 4000W amp. The 6x9s run off an existing 4 channel amp supplying 75W RMS/100W peak and sound superb. Stay crystal clear for as loud as your ears can cope with, excellent quality construction also. The TL-1022 amp is runnning 3 Pioneer SPL subs at 1.3ohm without any problems. Again, the volume can be turned up and the amp just keeps on delivering! No distortion, clipping or nasty rattles just pure, clean bass. I had previously been running the subs using 2 Kenwood 1000W monoblocs and they sounded good then, but did cut out occasionally at high volume - not any more!
Another very satisfied customer, will be telling all my friends where to go for their audio needs. 10/10.

From: GLEN E. kent.

Wow! I have just replaced my 6x9s with the TL-1691 2000watt jobies from the loudest and they are superb and crystal clear. Very good adjustment through my amp and spot on. Highly recomended, thank you!

From: Andrew

Superb, great sound, well packed, unmatched build quality, bought some for the front of the car, was so impressed the next day I got some for the back.

From: Craig McCaskill, Aberdeen

I was looking round the net for the best deal I could get to put some speakers in the rear of my car (cheap base model only had front speakers) but had a really hard time. Since there were no rear speakers, there was no wiring for them either so i had to find a package of speakers, amp and wiring. Eventually i stumbled upon "TheLoudest.com" and had a look. The testimonials suggested that the products were top quality so I took a chance and ordered the TL-1092 6x9s, TL-1092 1500watt amp and TL-1192 wiring kit. After a few hours installing the wiring and making a new parcel shelf to mount the speakers... well the sound quality is astounding! I normally go for big brand names but im glad I didn this time. The speakers perform better than I had imagined and they take an amazing ammount of punishment. The music comes out crystal clear and the bass drops so hard... without a hint of distortion! In fact, I was going to fit my sub later but I don think Ill bother now!!
Now all I need is a couple of vinyl stickers to advertise this stuff cos its so good!
Great stuff guys, ill definitely be buying more from you soon!

From: Tom Dixon (buron on trent)

I recently bought the Competition Pro TL-1651 6.5 inch speakers for the front of my peugeot 306 and I couldnt believe the size of the magnet!
They are mint!

From: Brian Venney

I just installed it all today, and I must say, the wires are very nice. Each wire was very good quality and I highly recommend using them. They responded to emails quicker than quick. Delivery was as promised. I bought some things from other online shops the day before, and the wiring kit still managed to turn up before that! Thanks.

From: Chris White

I purchased the TL-1692 1000w 6x9s and the TL-1092 1500w 2 channel amp. I don really have a powerfull cd player but these speakers and amp really make up for that, superb sound and pure quality and very good service.

From: tom tummuscheit (burry port)

I bought the 1500w 2 chanel amp to power my 10" sub and I have to say the result was very pleasing...... what a sound and a nice product excellent people to deal with, full details on delivery supplied. Once again I am very pleased!

From: Jason Louw

I was browsing the web yesterday for audio equipment for my girlfriends car as a Christmas present as she loves her loud chooonz. Anyway, I came across TheLoudest.com website and purchased the 3000w amp wiring kit (4AWG) and not even 24 hours later I have it sitting safely in the cupboard ready to be wrapped. Your customer service is second to none, and will be shopping with yourselves from now on. I only wish i had found Loudest.com earlier.

From: Danny Mistry

I have recently purchased the 6 x 9 enclosures for my speakers at home and boy was i happy to find these high quality boxes after 2 months. I searched all shops in my area and could not find anything to the quality and price of these boxes. Once i connected them my speakers had so much more bass. I wish your company the best in the future and keep up the good wrk guys!!

From: HellFire

Wow this 4Kw TL-1022 amp has so much power I cant imagine anyone needing one with more power and unless you upgrade your main speakers to a set of very powerful ones (if your ears can take it) you wont use this amp to its full potential as if do you would drown everything in bass, even now I have the power level on my stereo set at -1 (max is +6) the gain set just under ½ and bass boost to min and my sub is a sealed enclosure type and with these settings the bass is really thumping and the sound is brilliant and the seats vibrate like a rumble pack you have on your PC, I turned the gain right up to see what its like but I couldn’t turn the volume right up as I didn’t want to risk blowing my main speakers but the bass was impressive I felt the bass go right through me and I felt myself literally vibrate with the bass and could even feel the wind from the sub at the back of me and the amp wasn’t even at its full potential.

From: Alan d

Purchased the 8000w amp and 2x4000subs excellent service, now I have to sound proof my car coz these shake my boot to bits!
Well chuffed with this product if ya like bass, I would recomend the loudest.com who I would like to say a big thanks to.

From: gary h (falkirk)

I have just bought and recieved a TL-1091 3000w 2-channel amplifier. I was amazed at how much power that came from the amp. I am running the amp through 2 10" JBL subs and it is really powerful. It is better than the other amp I had, also very fast delivery pleasure doing business with I would also buy from TheLoudest again very soon thank you very much :-)

From: Frankie Arnone (Essex)

I have just got my TL-1692 6x9s, again like many 1st time customers, I was abit concerned about the quality these would be. I normally go for Sony, but went for these as I was browsing the net and found them at 1000 Watts!
Now I have fitted them I am extremely satisfied with the quality and the pumping bass that comes outta these is amazing!!

I will be buying from theloudest.co.uk again very very soon :) thank you

From: Ben (Staffordshire)

I ordered the TL-1051 5" Speakers, and as promised they arrived the very next day! Infact it was less than the stated 24 hour delivery time! You only have to look at them to see that they are not made of cheap materials, they are of an exceptionally high build quality and I can wait to install them.
I will certainly be doing business again in the very near future, and recommend this company to anyone,

From: Adam

I purchased 2 of the TL-1191 3000 watt 2-channel amps, and bridged them so that each amp was running a 15" JBL sub. The subs are rated at 2400watt and the (bridged) amps are running them at 2000watts. Through my lack of space, the amps are mounted with very little ventilation, but despite this they have never overheated and I have never seen another car with as much bass!
Worries over quality/reliability from something so cheap have no foundations.

Oh and they arrived within 20hours of ordering them!!!

From: Paul Fisher

I purchased a pair of TL-1051 13cm 350 watt speakers, and a pair of 6" by 9" speaker boxes (TL-1690). I recieved my order in less than 24hrs, the speaker boxes are top quality,I don know how they can make them as good for the price, and the speakers have got a right punch to them, unreal for 13cm speakers. I will use you again thanks.

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