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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Sam Jnr

TheLoudest.com TL-1092 1500 watt amp is exeptional, I will be buying more. Fantastic prices for the best sound system, best deal I have seen.

From: Paul Saunders

Top Quality TL-1051 13cm Speakers, I have just installed them & they are quite something, extremely loud & of the highest quality. I am very pleased indeed any one out there want some serious audio, this is the place.
I will use you again, thanks!

From: Paul Brookes

I have just installed the TL-1041 , these are the best 10cm speakers I have heard, they have excellent sound quality for such a small speaker.

From: M. Kirtley (London)

I purchased the TL-1092 1500w amplifier and am extermely satisfied. It produces excellent sound quality. I will definitely purchase from you guys again.
Thanks again!

From: Brian

I replaced my 100w (20w RMS!) speakers with the TL-1041 and what a difference!! Very good delivery time and easy to install. My next purchase will be the TL-1092 amp!

From: Jon Ramsden

I have just installed the 2000w TL-1691 6x9s. I have previously had those vibe 6x9s. No competition what so ever, these are well worth every penny. Also looking to make entire sound system in my car by this company.

From: Nouman Pasha

Absolute brilliance! I ordered the TL-1091 3000w amp, installed it a day later and literally for the first time in like 9mnths I knw what the bassline feels like bouncing off my back in vibration. This product is amazing. It worked 10x better then the kicker 800.4 I previously had, unbelievable! I got an honest opinon and the delivery as stated was next day.
Im going to tell all my friends where to get their supplies from, neighbors b warned! Bassline will wake even the heaviest of sleepers.
Youve got a real good thing going with theloudest.com range. I knw where Im going to be going to buy my upgrades and future project install; theloudest.com

From: Steve Pattrick

I bought the TL-1691 speakers 2000w 6x9, and I have just installed them with my amp! They sound sooooooooo good, buy these and blow your frinds away! The voice quality is amazing (I never thought these would sound so good), I had audiobahn 6x9s and I have just replaced them with these! FCUK Audiobahn, Vibe, Sony, Fusion!!! You cannot beat THELOUDEST.COM! Stop reading these reviews and start buying! Worth every penny of £199 I will be buying more!

From: Stedly Demus

If your looking for a "DECENT (and I MEAN DECENT) HIGH QUALITY" amp, turn to THELOUDEST.COM I promise that you are "GUARANTEED" to be impressed with your purchase.
Very prompt email replies and very very friendly,
Thanks again!

From: Philip C (Glamorgan)

Thanks for excellent service on the 2000w TL-1691 6x9 speakers, they arrived when said, and in conditioned as described. I fitted them in; swapped straight in from my old 6x9s which were 1000w units (500 each) so no hassle there. I could hear the sound diffrence straight away, much better definition and richer bass sound, with much louder and clearer clarity on the mid and tweeter sounds.
Again thanks a lot really happy with purchase couldnt ask for anything more of them.

From: Steven Douglass

I have just installed a set of TL-1692 6x9 speakers that I brought and I have to say I am more then impressed with them, I am now looking into doing my whole audio system with these people. I have never heard any thing with such power and good quality. I will definatly be promoting TheLoudest.com on my car.

From: Beef M

Just installed the TL-1901 amp and the TL-1691 speakers. The sound is absoulutely immense!!! Music has not been heard properly until it has been heard through these beasts!!! The speed of delivery and the service were both amazing too! Thanks loads!!!

From: Andy C (Basingstoke)

I bought a couple of TL-1691s after another company let me down by supplying the wrong ones. I thought Id just go for broke and buy these on spec.
The only snag was that I had to make some wooden brackets to make them fit in my car (it was only designed for 4" ones!). As soon as I switched on the stock CD Tuner and played a track I was simply blown away. I honestly thought I now had a large woofer in my boot. The depth of bass was astounding and my 100 mile a day journey to work is now far more enjoyable.
I can heartlily recommend theloudest.com for its efficiency, courteous and prompt email replies and fantastic prices.
Thank you!!

From: Sarah M (Gwent)

I purchased the TL-1091 3000w amp and was literally blown away by the power and punchy beat that it gave my sub, it worked fantastically. I was extremely impressed and because of that I have just purchased the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s to go with it! AMAZING is all I can say. I keep expecting the doors to fall off my car when I turn the bass up! I WOULD PUT MONEY ON THE FACT YOU WONT BEAT THIS AMP FOR THIS PRICE.....UNBELIEVEABLE.
Excellent service, communications and customer service 10/10.

From: Tom W (Cheshire)

Im very impressed with your company! The TL-1092 1500w amp is amazing, and arrived less than 24hrs after I paid!

From: Chris Preece (Somerset)

I just installed one of the two pairs of TL-1691 2000w 6x9s that I bought, and not even sure if its worth fitting the other set. There are no other, not even the vibe qb69, which profess to be the most powerful in the world, which come close to these and the service is very freindly and accomadating too. What more can I say!

From: Ben G

Just installed some of the TL-1691 2000w 6 x 9s and the TL-1091 3000w amp, and would like to say how great they are, and also how impressive the service was, much obliged for the help regarding wiring, hopefully buying some more equipment from here soon.

From: Neil Turner (Motor Technician)

I had never heard of this brand of ICE having purchased many top brand names previously. I purchased the TL-1692 1000w 6x9s and a TL-1092 1500w 2 channel amp. I just installed and setup. I am extremmely impressed with the price and speedy delivery, the quality of the sound was certainly better than leading brands.
Top looks, top quality goods and service - certainly be back for more.

From: Ian (Rotherham)

The TL-1041 4" speakers are performing 10 times better than I thought they would. They handle all aspects of my music straight from the headunit with the minimum of fuss and with fantastic results outperforming the Sony 6x9s I have in the back. Cant wait to upgrade them with the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s from this site. Quite easily the best speakers I have heard in a car and friendly, helpful service to boot. Where has this shop been?!?!

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