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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Dave (West Yorkshire)

Serious bass if you have the amp and good RMS watt speakers. I bought a TL-1120 Competition Pro Sub Woofer Box only, and fitted a 700rms woofer in it then put it in my transit van all of a sudden it's a real head turner. Dam deep solid bass this box is a serious box, fitted with the right gear. It must sound like a real ---- in the boot of a car with less air and a more confined space. It's a bit on the large side but so is the bass, a must for serious, serious bass heads. I'm off back in the van again TO SMILE see ya.

From: Jake H (South Wales)

Just got my loudest.com TL-1021 8000w monoblock sub amp, and it's INSANE!!! too much for two 12" Vibe Space II's to stomach, and am now looking for a pair of more adequate subs to tame this beast!

From: Pedro Marques (Thetford)

I would like to thank theloudest, because for the first time I have dealt with someone who provided real-quality equipment. My friends do not believe in what they saw in my car (TL-1121 3000w subwoofer, TL-1023 3000w subwoofer amplifier, TL-1120 enclosure and TL-1191 wiring kit), after investing money in products such as Sony, Alpine and more, now only comment that they want to get theloudest products. Once finish with the project I got to my car, I will send photos.
Thank you very, very much....

From: Gaz Fitz (Bolton)

Absolute awesome amp (TL-1091 3000w 2-channel) got this running my 3600 watt 15" pyle sub I got from America and the bass is unbelievable and truly bone shaking would recommend to anyone who wants a clear and truly bone shaking sound system!

From: Kevin (Blairgowrie, Scotland)

I ordered the TL-1692 1000w 6x9 and TL-1092 1500w amp they both came the next and day well wrapped. It was a box inside a box lol and lots of that foam stuff and bubble wrap. I also got stickers and a pen with the order for free!
I will definitely order lots more from the loudest.com :)

From: Chris (Newcastle)

This TL-1023 amp is amazing! thought it couldnt be true for the price at first but it has managed to blow up a vibe space 2 15\" evo so far and currently have it running 2 15\" jbls with amazing results puts more expensive amps to shame!

From: Isak Neema (Reading UK)

Well as usual the service was superb, I got my TL-1022 already in good condition and great package. Great communication from you guys, so definitely I will come do business with you again.

From: Arran (Cardiff)

I bought the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s with the TL-1091 3000w amp and TL-1191 wiring kit earlier this week. I used to always buy vibe everything but these surprised me a lot. The vocals are crystal clear and theres enough bass that u dont need a sub, mind u i wudnt mind 1 or 2 of the 3000w subs. Wired it up yest an all I cn say is f**kin hell, top job theloudest.com quality stuff. Competition products at rock bottom prices, u cnt ask 4 more. Thanks a lot im now partialy deaf lol.

From: Isak Neema (Reading)

Well thanks for the quick service, I got my TL-1121 3000w 12" Subwoofer order on time and in good condition. The communication channel was just great and I hope to definitely do business with you guys again. The best customer service I ever gotten so far.

From: Alec (California, U.S.A.)

Like a few others here who hadn't heard of The Loudest before, I had my reservations. Especially being from the USA, where you can find any brand audio for a good price! I felt like trying something different & purchased the TL-1091 amp, TL-1691 6x9"s & TL-1191 amp wiring bundle deal & paid a crazy sum for shipping. I must say I was impressed when I saw them! I had them installed in my '93 Honda Civic & listened to a mix of "System Of A Down" & they performed AMAZINGLY well, emanating evil ballads heard blocks away! I played it start to finish, driving past my house just to hear more! Such crisp sound with unreal bass for a 6x9"s... Even though I paid more (for post) than almost anyone else here, I still feel they were a great bargain! Might be buying again here soon!

From: Dip (Kent)

I started by just buying the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s and running them off my head unit. They sounded pretty good but then the amp in my head unit broke and so I bought a tiny cheap 600w amp to power the 6x9's. They sounded better than off my head unit and I was pretty happy. But then I read on these testimonials that ppl were saying they produced quite a lot of bass and were extremely loud, but I wasn't getting the same results. So after a couple of years of having the 2000w 6x9's I decided to buy the TL-1091 3000w 2-channel amp and the wiring kit. I got great advice from the loudest guys over the phone. Delivery was top notch. I installed the amp and wow!!!!! The performance of the amp and speakers are amazing. I bought the speakers as I don't have room for a sub and this is the next best thing. Not only can they handle some bass but the quality and clarity of the sound is incredible and believe me they are LOUD. Well impressed :))))

From: Steve (North West London)

I bought a TL-1022 4000w Subwoofer Amplifier just to use while my DLS A6 monoblock is in for repair thinking that it would be a cheap substitute. Boy have I been mistaken - the TL-1022 has blown me away and I am going to keep it in instead of the DLS. I couldn't ask for better value for money. When I saw the price I wrongly thought this would be a cheap substitute - do not be fooled, this amp delivers and then some. I also thought when I saw the packaging that there must be a compromise somewhere but I haven't found anything. This amp is serious competition for the more expensive alternatives. The service has been excellent - good communication and speedy delivery. I will be using TheLoudest.com in the future for all my incar audio requirements.

From: Simon Edmonston (Northampton)

Bought: TL-1691 2000w speakers and TL-1092 1500w amp (already owned).
I don't even know where to start here. I was like many others have sounded very sceptical about a set of speakers from a reasonably un-known brand and swaying towards the usual Alpine, Kenwood, etc at my local Halfwits. I was shown by a teenage spotty boy a set of Infinity speakers costing around the same as these and the sound was truly awesome, it seemed like the sound was coming from everywhere, then it dawned on me, it was! It seemed every speaker at once was wired on the same circuit so I'm not quite sure how you would ever get an idea how they sounded. I am fairly limited on the rear shelf of the Subaru so 17 sets of mixed 6x9\'s would be a squeeze...
I took the plunge just on the testimonials on here and I am so pleased I did. When I finally deciphered the writing techniques of the various comments and made myself believe the staff at theloudest didn't write them, I paid the money. The goods arrived in a box, in a box (no I don't have a stutter) and were very well packed inside. All the cables and bolts etc were neatly provided, instructions were never picked up but I noticed templates if needed. I was doing a straight swap so easy.
Sound??? ... Like a pygmy with learning difficulties, I will keep it short and simple. One word in fact:
They sound so much more expensive than they are. I have noticed my fuel costs have risen due to the amount of long cuts I keep taking so I can live in the car longer.
I'd write more but the thought of them is making me moist. I'm off for a drive.

From: Liam Steeples (West London)

I've got the TL-1691 2000w 6/9's and TL-1091 amp to go with it and my god they're good! Delivery is the nut's and the products are even better. Top work guys, keep it up.
PS They're very good for drowning out the voice of your nagging missus! Nice work.

From: tom clarke (west midlands)

Yet again the loudest.com has excelled, my nephew has acquired a ford transit as a project, we are at present fitting it out with all the gadgets we have purchased for him. I purchased the TL-1690 6x9 boxes for him for four reasons: 1 price 2 quality 3 delivery 4 communication. I can only recommend TL.C and feel justified in saying that they appear to beat the prices of comparable companies in Birmingham.
Excellent, many thanks Tom.

From: Matner (Stoke-on-Trent)

1st comment...AWESOME service from these guys! Ordered the TL-1120 box...came next day, Excellent build quality of the box...very pleased for sure, don't forget about all the freebies aswell! thanks guys.

From: Jayesh Radia

I bought TL-1192 2000w wiring kit and they said 1 working day and I was well happy to get it on the next day. All I can say is THELOUDEST.COM KEEPS TO THEIR WORD! So don't think twice as their items and goods are 100% wicked. Thanks a million :O)

From: Will (Bristol)

Next day delivery was a bonus. I got the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s with the TL-1091 3000w amp and TL-1191 wiring kit. Great value for money even better quality. The wiring kit even came with a battery terminal. You cant top that!
Will buy all my stuff from here I think!!

From: Paul Davies (West Mids)

I went from zero to hero last night, thanks to the TL-1023 3000w amp, and TL-1121 3000w sub.... Absolute power, and crispness of bass earned me many big grins from fellow cruisers, and quite possibly drummed up some trade for TheLoudest.com.... You guys rock! I will be buying more from you in the future.... A new standard has been set in quality and price.... Thanks for being there.... :-)

From: Joe Edwards (N.Wales)

I received my TL-2091 2000w 4-channel amp yesterday, and I was amazed at the quality and attention to detail, it doesn't just come in a rubbish cardboard box either like other amps such as JBL, no it comes in a presentation box which looks great, its just screams quality when you see it, and I haven't even got it in my car yet, my wiring kits comes today, I cant wait. Thanks a lot the loudest, you have no competition!

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