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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: Jamie (Somerset)

Wow, If only all companies were this good. I placed my order at 2:30pm and received my order at 9:15 the next day. The quality and user manuals are as good as you can get and the TL-1023 3000w subwoofer amp even comes in its own hinged top box, great touch. I cant wait to get them installed. Keep up the good work and I'll gladly recommend them to anyone who asks!

From: Alex Bowman (Thames valley)

I ordered the TL-1092 1500 watt amplifier and it sounds great with my sub, it arrived on time, what a great service. I am definitely coming back to you for more products, thank you.

From: Mike Evans, North Wales

It took me literally weeks to decide whether or not to buy the TL-1692 1000W 6x9s and TL-1092 1500W Amp. I'd read the testimonials, but I was still pretty wary of the claims made. My advice to people undecided on whether to take the chance on a relatively-unknown company: Do it. I didn't buy the speakers to blast Drum and Bass wherever I went, I bought them to have brilliant quality with all types of music. Even whilst fitting them (which was surprisingly easy with the TL-1192 wiring kit), I was nervous about how they would sound. The first time I hit the open road, I knew I had made the right decision. Acoustic songs sound brilliant, as do songs with lots of bass. Also, the quality stays the same even as the volume goes up. If you want a ridiculous amount of bass, buy the subwoofer. For people who just want brilliant speakers for their entire music collection, get these and get them now. For the money, they are great value and well worth the chance. Thanks TL, great work.

From: Ray (Glenrothes)

I bought the TL-1121 12" sub woofer. Only installed it a few days ago. Still wearing it in but so far from what I have heard it is amazing. Also bought the TL-1120 sub box and this make it amazing. Got the wiring kit TL-1191 for it aswell as the TL-1023 amp that went with it. Amazing sound it makes. Would highly recommend this anyone looking to buy a sub. My friends are amazed and all want one now. Probably the best around.

From: Mike H (Yorkshire)

I bought the TL-1690 6x9 boxes and installed them in my boot and they look brilliant sat in there. I thought it was good value for money and the service and delivery was spot on - cheers loudest.co.uk - I will recommend you to my mates and to all the members of the car club i'm in :)

From: Ross (Cornwall)

I saw these TL-1691 2000w 6x9" speakers and wondered if all the rave was true about their power and quality. I read so many of the reviews, I couldn't resist and I bought a pair of them and the TL-1091 3000w 2-channel amp to go with them, and damn I'm IMPRESSED! The service first of all was brilliant. Next day delivery. As simple as that, and it was here by 1PM the next day and in proper protective packaging too. Then me and a m8 wired them into my Punto and we were both impressed by the sound quality and just how loud and bassy they can go. Within a couple hours someone asked me what sub I had! I'm still wearing them in atm, so not even turned them up really loud but from what I've heard of them so far, I'm really happy with my purchase and all my audio will be coming from here from now on. I'm now going to be getting the subwoofer you do. Thanks!

From: Arto (Lincs)

I'm very happy with service+ TL-1121 sub/TL-1023 amp/TL-1191 kit/TL-1120 box. 1,000w RMS! Where else can you find 1000w RMS for such a good price?! NO WHERE!!! My BMW 330 is JUMPING! No chance to see anything through the mirors! THATS WHAT WE NEED GUYS! THANKS.

From: Marc (Wirral)

I am very pleased with the customer service I've received and the sound quality of the TL-1041 4" speakers was amazing. I only have 10cm front speakers in my mk2 xr2 but compared to the Kenwood speakers I had in there originally, I was shocked at the difference not only did they seem louder but also a lot clearer at high volume and even low volume. I just bought a set of the 6x9s to go in the rear door cards and cant wait to get them in.
Thanks a lot.

From: Darren (Lincoln)

I've just bought a TL-1023 3000w Monoblock for my new Pioneer 3000w Sub. It's the dogs nuts. Now all I have to do is stop everything vibrating! The bass is tight and true and sounds a lot better than the money I paid for it! Top product.

From: Dan H (Wiltshire)

At first I was doubtful of this "new" high power speaker producing company. Questioning both the performance of the speakers and the service of the company. I read the reviews on the TL-1691 2000W 6x9s and decided to take the plunge into my pocket for them. There could not have been a better decision I ever made! I absolutely love them and they suit me perfectly! Max volume, max bass, popping windows!
Also the service here at theloudest.co.uk was impeccable. Fast delivery times, careful packaging and really good consumer-supplier relationship. I asked customer service a few questions about the weight of the TL-1691 speakers and would my stock parcel shelf hold them. They responded as fast as I could ever ask for and helped me out greatly with a few suggestions for alternatives. Your products are top quality, your service is top quality, theloudest.co.uk is TOP QUALITY! I'll be making many more visits and spending all my money on quite possibly the best in-car sound in the world!

From: Gary (South Wales)

Exactly what I wanted and received the very next working day (Two pairs TL-1691 2000w 6x9s, TL-2092 3000w 4-channel amplifier and TL-1191 3000w wiring kit), the equipment is out of this world, very neatly and adequately packaged to prevent damage, but reaches me in A1 condition.
On setting up the equipment I found it to be more than I was expecting from the quality of sound. Like I said, I am very happy overall with this purchase and will be making further purchases from theloudest.com in future.

From: James (East London)

I bought this 3000w TL-1121 sub with the TL-1023 3000w amp, TL-1120 box and TL-1191 wiring kit. I have the system in the back of an estate and can actually feel the air hitting me like air conditioning, from the other end of the car. Awesome stuff. Also, your customer support is great. Thanks guys.

From: Calis (Preston)

These TL-1691 2000w 6x9"s are awesome. I got them hooked up to a TL-1091 3000w amp and they just rock my car! I'd seriously advise these to anyone, even the bass is sub quality.
Just waiting on my 15" kicker sub to compliment them. I will DEFO be coming back to theloudest to buy any other components. THANKS!!

From: Karl Garrett (Poole)

I recently purchased the TL-1692 (1000W) 6x9s along with the TL-1092 1500W amp and wiring kit. I had them professionally installed into my boot build today and they sound brilliant! Sound quality is fantastic and they are amazingly loud! Service was spot on with next day delivery and extremely good communication. Stop reading and buy now!

From: Jack Humphreys (Wells, Somerset)

After reading my max power mag, I got looking through the back at the speakers. I saw the TL-1692 1000w 6x9s in there and thought they will do nicely, and they do. They fill my car with music. I was looking at getting a sub but I'm not going to bother now, cos I just turn the bass up on my head unit and WOW!!! I have the speakers going into the head unit without an amp and it sounds fab, the speakers are so clear! Delivered on time, well packed, everything you need. Now I got mine, my mates are going to get some.

From: Jack (York)

If you want an HONEST review then read on…
Firstly, I’d just like to say that the service I received from TheLoudest was amazing! Great advice, great help, fantastic people!
Also, the TL-2092 3000w 4-channel amplifier came a day sooner than was expected. AMAZING!
I just want to say that I have done a few car installs before in my life with various amplifies. I have also had several amplifiers before in my own car. I just want to say that the TL-2092 3000w 4 channel amplifier is the best ever amp I’ve had, and quite possibly the best ever thing I have purchased for my car.
This is absolutely amazing! Honestly, if you are serious about music, especially about bass, like me, then this is your amp!
At first I was a bit cautious about the amp, as I hadn’t used anything from the loudest before, but after just a few hours of use I can say that I will never EVER be using another brands amp again!

From: Andy (from MCR)

I bought this 4,000w TL-1022 amp off the loudest.com and it came when they said, the next working day. At first I wasn't sure how good it would be, until I had it wired up! I have it running two 12" 3,000 watt pioneer subs. The amp is reasonably light and compact but it really is what it says. 4,000 watt and 1500 RMS. The amp is VERY LOUD! It shakes the steering wheel and all the sunvisors and its not even running at its full potential. If you want a competition amp cheap, buy this.

From: Brian (Essex)

I purchased a set of TL-1691 2000w 6x9 speakers on the Wednesday and received them Thursday Morning! I have just finished installing them in the rear shelf of my Golf with a small Alpine amp and wow, they sound fantastic! I have been into ICE for some years now and these speakers are the best sounding speakers I've heard even over Alpine, Infinity, Kappa etc, lovely deep bass and sparkling trebles and LOUD. Go buy some and see what I mean, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Plus I got loads of goodies, thank you TheLoudest.Com for such a fabulous quality speaker set! Well done. God knows what their amps are like...

From: Dave Nicoll (Derbyshire)

I purchased a pair of TL-1692 1000w 6 x 9's and all I can say is.....get some! They are awesome! These are top end speakers with a real good crisp clean sound and bass to boot. Nothing lets these speakers down... except the fact I only have 1 set! My next audio equipment will be purchased from the loudest.com and nobody else.... I even had stickers and merchandise sent to me with my purchase for free!!

From: Philip Hearn (Luton)

I got my TL-1023 3000w sub amp next day delivery, I ran it in a little then cranked it up :)
Wow my b line is sick running 2 x 15" sony xpload comp subs. Well, I'm so happy I'll have the TL-1691 2000w 6x9 soon. Thanx for your help the loudest!!

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