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Here you can view feedback from customers on their experiences with TheLoudest. You can also leave your own feedback (by clicking here) for inclusion here on the site.

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From: James Kendall (Bristol)

I recently purchased a set of the TL-1691 2000w 6x9's. I'm running these bad boys straight from the head unit and I've had complaints from over 100meters down the road bcoz they are so powerful. The bass is immense and I cant wait to buy the 3000w amp to go with them. These are miles better than any of my m8s that think they're amazing with their expensive branded makes. Trust me, go for the loudest.co.uk

From: Duncan (Milton Keynes)

I purchased TL-1692 (2x 500watt 6x9's). They came perfectly boxed. Very very fast delivery. Best communication I have ever seen.
I am using the speakers with a JBL touring edition amp and they sound so much better than my old 6x9's at half the price!
I will definitely use thelouduest for any future purchases. Thanks guys. You are all doing an amazing job! Keep it up!

From: Andrew Smith (Grampian)

Having had various sets of 6x9 speakers over the years in my cars I came across THE LOUDEST.COM and saw these TL-1692 speakers at a good price for the power was a bit sceptical at how good they were but when I installed them with a TL-1092 1500w amp in my custom made acoustic shelf, the sound quality is amazing! Far superior to the other makes out there, anything above 1/3 volume and it takes your breath away literally the bass is balanced across the range and if you set the amp up properly there is no distortion at all. Great product delivered when said 10/10

From: Tom (Ipswich)

I just ordered my TL-1092 1500 watt Amp And TL-1192 Wiring Kit. They came next day delivery and I got loads of wicked stickers free which you will defiantly see all over my car! The loudest .com is the best service I have ever had and I will be using them again in the very near future!

From: Jon (Manchester)

I bought the TL-1023 3000 watt amp class d and it is a beast! The bass that it kicks out is awesome, my mates have the named brands like vibe & kenwood systems but they ain't nothin compared to this. I was running a rockford 12\" sub but blew it, had the gain to max without running the sub in, & nearly blew my windows n ears apart. My fault tho, so don't turn the gain to max till you've run in the sub, but it proved my mates wrong coz they were stunned plus its funny at the lights when your shaking other peoples cars & they're lookin at you lol nice one loudest.com keep up the top work!

From: Alan (Hemel Hempstead)

I bought the 2x tl-1691 6x9 2000w speakers. I was not sure what I was going to get. What I did get was the fear my old VW would lose some parts from the extreme power and bass these speakers dish out. They are outrageously loud and bassy. I felt scared to turn the volume up any more than I did, in fear of, well I dont know what I was scared of but I was scared!
I have driven some fast and powerful cars and I think these speakers are the Ferrari in sound quality. I will use theloudest.com again for my sound system needs they have blown me away!

From: Ty (Oldham)

I recently bought the TL-1691 2000w 6x9's with the TL-1091 3000W amp. They arrived rapid time. I was so surprised how much bass these bad boys bang out, no one would believe me that I didnt have a sub aswell. Many thanks to the LOUDEST.COM, quality stuff, ive jst purchased the 3000W 12" sub and the D-class amp to match. Again many thanks!

From: Lisa (Pontypridd)

I bought the TL-2092 3000W amp and TL-1191 wiring kit for my boyfriend for Christmas and he is very impressed. Customer service was excellent and the amp was delivered the next day. Will definitely do business again.

From: Shaz (Wakey)

I just got my TL-1022 Class D digital monoblock subwoofer amplifier (4000watts) delivered as requested. Mind blowing amazing bass, I have two 15inch audiobahns running of it and am sure I don't have to say any more, it handles them very well and the bass just rips my car to shreds. None of my settings are on more than half yet, I still need to play around with it, but it was money well spent. Thanks loudest!

From: Ken Tucker

My new TL-1022 4000 watt subwoofer amp powers my two vibe 12s amazingly, its my pride and joy. I had to buy a new sub for my box from vibe, but the service was not a patch on the loudest. Can't wait to spend a s**t load more cash on it their quality stuff, forget the high street, these lot are top of my favourites list. Thank you, the loudest!

From: Christian Thompson (Weston Super Mare)

The TL-1091 3000w 2-channel amplifier is a very good amp. Very powerful, would recommend anyone to get one for loud systems.

From: Max Cracknell (Oxfordshire)

Well, astounded is not the word. I have a DLS Genesis system in my car and for control and power the Loudest products hove blown me away. I have just installed the TL-1121 3000w SUB paired to TL-1023 Mono 1000w RMS amp and 6.5" Co axial TL-1651 with TL-1091 3000W 2ch amp in my boat. What a composed and well matched range the Loudest has. The sub drives across the low frequencies and the 6.5" (although a little over amped!) have such control and great full range response. Installing in a open boat (Malibu response Lxi ski boat) must be the worst sound stage ever as unwanted Hull resonance is a real problem without the engine noise, but the power and control of the loudest products completely envelopes you in clean, very loud and full sound.
What Products!! I will be purchasing another pair of 6.5" speakers to take some more of the 300W massive power output. It would be wise though, get another battery to supply these hungry beasts!!

From: Keith Hackman (Manchester)

I got my whole system from the Loudest, and simply put, so will all my friends soon! The sheer volume/power of these speakers/amps is so hard to put in to words. All I can say is, if you don't have The Loudest in your car, then you are seriously missing out!!
If you are thinking about buying, but are hesitating, I can tell you in full confidence that you will NOT be disappointed!
I bought the TL-1121 3,000w 12" Subwoofer, Matched TL-1023 3,000w Digital Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier, Matched TL-1191 3000w Car Amplifier Wiring Kit X2, Matched and Tuned TL-1120 12" Black Vinyl Subwoofer Enclosure, TL-1691 6x9 3 Way 2000w Car Speakers (2 x 1000 watt), and matched TL-1091 3000w 2-Channel Car Amplifier.

From: Anthony (London)

I purchased the TL-1121 3000 watt sub, TL-1023 3000 watt amp with TL-1120 enclosure and TL-1191 wiring kit. Fcuk me it's loud! Service, quality and delivery were top notch as promised. Stop reading and get loud @theloudest.com, I've never heard a 12inch that kicks out so much deep and clear bass, I love my bass and I'm satisfied. Thanx 2 the loudest.com

From: 5-Star-Cars (N.Ireland)

I had a stretch limo which I fitted a quality Sony cd player to but the speakers couldn't handle the power or the bass. So I was going to change the speakers and add a separate subwoofer as I didn't think any make of speakers would handle the bass at loud volumes in the small sizes which fit my car. However having replaced the speakers with a pair of TL-1041 4" and a pair of TL-1051 5" speakers from the loudest.com - problem solved and there is so much bass from these speakers, I don't need a separate subwoofer. The sound is fantastic, super clear and loads of bass at loud volumes without any distortion. Great price too and next day delivery. Unbeatable!

From: Ryan (New Milton)

These TL-1691 2000w 6x9 blow my friends away in the distance! They are GREAT, and I will use THELOUDEST.com again when I need an amplifier.

From: Toby (Portsmouth)

Aaaah yeah! No joke these are the t*ts!
I was so surprised when my TL-1691 6 x 9s shook wiper blades and massaged my back when driving. Very, very nice. Packaged professionally, shipment was spot on due date and instructions for wiring are perfectly clear and concise... even I could do it.

From: Jeff (Luton)

Awesome TL-1023 amp + TL-1121 sub + TL-1191 kit + TL-1120 box! If you want to be blown away then I suggest you get your matched equipment from here!!! A 5***** set up from a 5***** company Thanks to All @ THELOUDEST.COM

From: Alex (Kent)

I purchased 2x TL-1121 subs, 2x TL-1023 Amps, 2x TL-1191 kits and 2x TL-1120 boxes. Delivery was practically instant, and installation was easy, with complete instructions for each item. The quality of these products is totally amazing! They are manufactured to a very high standard, look great, and are far better than any of my previous installs. YOU WONT BELIEVE THE SOUND!!! If you are unsure whether to purchase from the loudest, please believe me when I tell you: YOU WILL BE DELIGHTED!

From: Ali (High Wycombe)

The TL-1023 3000w subwoofer amplifier is a very good quality item with a nice box, good size with clear instructions. Installation was easy.
I'm still in the process of fine tuning the settings but it has huge amounts of power running two 15" subwoofers. It has been designed very well and has a good weight. I didn't know much about this brand but when I asked around I received very good positive comments so I decided to purchase one. I am very happy with my purchase and have no regrets at all. The price I paid was very good and worth every penny.
Thank you theloudest.com and keep up the good work, Ill be back for more.

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